Beowulf Study Guide

One reason that the Danes can’t defeat Grendel is that? Grendel does not fight according to men’s rules
As the last section begins, how long has Beowulf reigned as king of the Geats? 50 Years
What overall mood does the author’s description of the lake produce? Ill-Omened
Which of the following is NOT one of the traits of an epic hero? They are of ordinary Birth
What do most of Beowulf’s warriors do when they see he is losing the battle with the dragon? Run away from their king in his time of need.
Reread these lines. Which impression of the monsters do the alliteration and simile in these lines help convey?”They lived in secret places, windy/Cliffs, wolf-dens where water pours from the rocks…where mist/Steams like black clouds…snakelike roots…at night that lake/ Burns like a torch.” They are as animalistic, mysterious, and hell-like.
Beowulf asks Wiglaf to be the next leader because Wiglaf stands with Beowulf to fight the dragon
The author most likely keeps bringing up what Beowulf says kings must bow to because… He wants to show that the Anglo-Saxons had to merge their pagan views of destiny with that of Christian views of God’s will
Which two literary devices are used in these lines: “That famous prince fought with fate against him” Alliteration and foreshadowing
If you wanted to prove that Beowulf shows traits of being an epic hero in his fight with Grendel, which form(s) of evidence would NOT work? “Danes and visiting Geats celebrated as one, drank and rejoiced…”
What created the power vacuum that eventually formed the culture of the Anglo-Saxon people? The Loss of Roman Rule
If you wanted to prove that Beowulf shows traits of being an epic hero in his fight with Grendel’s mother, which form(s) of evidence would you use? “But Beowulf longed for fame…so fame comes to the men who mean to win it”
Because “No female, no matter how fierce, could have come with a man’s strength, fought with the power and courage men fight with,” Grendel’s mother instead… Used her cleverness to find the one warrior to kill whom Hrothgar would miss the most
What does Wiglaf do to the chosen warriors after Beowulf’s death? Banishes Them
Which form of evidence best supports the two descriptive words for Grendel’s mother’s lake? “Waves splash toward the sky, as dark as the air, as black as the rain that the heavens weep”
How does Hrothgar describe the lake? Ominous and Godless
What do the alliteration and kenning in these lines of this Old English poem help convey?”The he saw/ The mighty water witch, and swung his sword,/His ring-marked blade, straight at her head;” the supernatural qualities of each opponent.
What does Grendel want to do when he is first confronted by Beowulf? Flee to his lair which is a sign of cowardice which the Anglo- Saxons did not value
In what language was Beowulf originally written? Old English
Who is Wiglaf? A close kinsman of Beowulf.
The following passage from Beowulf is an example of the poem’s heavy use of_______.In secret sessions, talking of terror and wondering what the bravest warriors would do and sometimes they sacrificed to the old stone gods and made heathen vows, hoping for hells Support… Alliteration
What does Wiglaf’s fighting the dragon tell you about the importance of honor in the Anglo-Saxon period? A warrior protects his king even at the risk of his own life.
What is the name of the hall built by King Hrothgar? Herot
What does Grendel hate the sound of? The voices of the men singing
When Beowulf describes how he wants to be remembered this shows self-importance
Besides the noise of their merrymaking what is another probable reason Grendel wanted to hurt the Danes? He had been banished by both God and men.
How does Beowulf wish he could fight the dragon? With his bare hands as he fought Grendel.
Which is a universal theme in the epic Beowulf? Evil is represented as something trying to destroy what the people of the time value.
Which of these is FALSE about an epic? An Epic is a short story
How does Beowulf kill Grendel’s mother? He cuts off her head with a giant’s sword he found
What does Wiglaf represent? The representation of the value of kinship.
What does Wiglaf do when he sees Beowulf faltering in his fight with the dragon? Runs to rally and scold Beowulf’s kinsmen.
Which universal theme do these lines of this epic suggest?”Though he lived in Herot, when the night hid him, he never/Dared to touch king Hrothgar’s glorious/Throne, protected by God—God,/Whose love Grendel could not know.” The existence of evil and good occur simultaneously.
Which of the following is NOT an example of a kenning? “helpless people”
How does the fight in the lake contrast with the fight with Grendel? Beowulf uses weapons in the lake and the opponent doesn’t show fear
The reason the detail about what Grendel hates the sound of is important is because… The author is trying to emphasize the importance of the topic the men sing about and why Grendel hates it
What does Beowulf say that even kings must bow to? fate
What does the dragon hoard and how does this show symbolism? Gold and treasures that show symbolism of greed
Which is NOT a role does the bard play in Beowulf and in Anglo-Saxon Culture? The bards were sailors that shared information with other cultures
Which is not a value of the Anglo Saxon people? Individualism

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