Beowulf review sheet

unknown Who wrote beowulf
8th What century was beowulf written
son of Edgetho, Higlac’s nephew and follwer, later king of the Geats Beowulf
Beowulf’s father, a notable warrior married to Hrethel’s one daughter Edgetho
long poem that tells a story about a hero; narrative written in verse poem Epic
Hrothgar’s trusted advisor; killed by Grendel’s mother Esher
Danish King, Beo’s son, father of Hrothgar Healfdane
Higlac’s queen Higd
Beowulf’s feudal lord and uncle, king of the Geats Higlac
King of the Danes, son of Healfdane Hrothgar
Unferth’s ancient sword Hrunting
the name of Beowulf’s sword Nagling
first great king of the Danes, known for his ability to conquer enemies. Beo’s father Shild Shefing
one of Hrothgar’s courtiers, jealous of Beowulf Unferth
Hrothgar’s queen, and the mother of his young sons Welthow
son of Wexstan, a Geat warrior Chosen to accompany Beowulf to fight the dragon, only member who helps him Wiglaf
he hated the noise that came from the hall Why did Grendel attack the mead hall?
Herot What was the mead hall’s name
12 years How long did Grendel attack the mead hall
Hrothgar’s throne What could he not touch in the mead hall?
It was protected by God Why could he not touch this item in the mead hall?
His arm was ripped off How was Grendel killed?
Beowulf Who killed Grendel
His lair Where did Grendel go to die?
The sin of man, especially greed What is Grendel symbolic of?
Cain Who did Grendel descend from?
To avenge Grendel Why did Grendel’s mother attack the mead hall?
50 years How long did Grendel’s mother rule the lake?
She is beheaded by the sword with the engraved hilt How was Grendel’s mother killed?
Beowulf Who killed Grendel’s mother?
The sword melted down to the hilt because her blood was too hot and poisonous for it Explain what happened and why it happened to the sword used to kill Grendel’s mother
The heads of Grendel and his mother and the hilt of the sword What trophies were taken back to the surface?
A slave was running from his master and wandered into the dragon’s lair and stole a goblet Why did the dragon attack Beowulf’s people?
1 time How long did the dragon attack?
The slave Who led Beowulf to the dragon’s cave?
Wiglaf Who helped Beowulf fight the dragon?
Wiglaf stabs it in the stomach How was the dragon killed?
Hrothgar, Beowulf, and Grendel’s Mother Who reigned their respective kingdoms for fifty years each?
To have a son What was Beowulf’s dying regret?
He orders Wiglaf to the barrow, look at the treasure, and bring some of it back for him to see before he dies. What was Beowulf’s last request?
Build a barrow after he is burned on a funeral pyre, name it Beowulf’s Barrow What were Beowulf’s burial instructions?
They were rusty and decaying, the gold was under a spell that prevented anyone from taking it out of the barrow unless they had God’s blessing What happened to the dragon’s treasure?
The warriors sleep in the Mead Hall to protect the king Example of comitatus being practiced
Beowulf’s warriors abandon him in his time of need Example of comitatus being broken
Hrothgar sends money for the Geat who was killed in Herot for his family Example of weregild being practiced
embroidered banner, breast mail, embossed helmet, sword, 8 horses with gold bridles Gifts Beowulf recieved from Hrothgar
jeweled sword, 7000 hides, land, a hall, a throne of his own Gifts Beowulf recieved from Higlac
Dont let pride get the best of him, gracious to God, courteous, not boastful What advice did Hrothgar give to Beowulf about being a good king?

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