Beowulf review game

Which of the following is a coordinating conjunction? “And sometimes they sacrificed to the old stone gods,/ Made heathen vows, hoping for Hell’s/ Support..”
Beowulf slays Grendel to Save Hrothgar and the danes from the monster
What does it mean Beowulf give wiglaf his gold necklace Beowulf is making wiglaf the ruler of geatland
Which of the following passages a coordinating conjunction “The monster hatred rose higher/but his power has gone”
Beowulf kills Grendel by twisting off his Arm
Which of the following quotations from Beowulf contains a kenning “and all at once the greedy she-wolf”
Beowulf went to the aid of the danes for all of the following except because of his love of nature
“no kinsman could offer comfort there” is an example of alliteration
“to the open ocean breaking oaths” example of assonance
What does the poem mean “the monsters/thoughts were as quick as greed or his claws..” the monster thinks very quickly
Why does Beowulf come to see Hrothgar he wants to help Hrothgar by killing Grendel
What does the following line sugggest”…Grendel came again so set/On murder that no crime could ever be enough. How the monster relished his savage war/ On the Danes, keeping the bloody feud/Alive. No savage assault could quench his lust. For evil.” That Grendel is addicted to murder
In Beowulf how many years did Grendel terrorize Herot 12 years
All of the following clearly illustrate Beowulf heroic quialities except hunting abilities
Why does beowulf want a tower built for him To remind people of his life and famous deed
How many years did Beowulf rule before he had a confrontation with the dragon 50 years
Which of the following statements about wiglaf is true He makes an eloquent speech about the virtues of loyalty and bravery
Why does Danes think Beowulf has just been slain when he goes in search of grendels mother They see strong waves and blood coming up from the monsters lake
Beowulf demonstrates his great strength by defeating all of these except Hrothgar
When Hrothgar tries to tell Beowulf of the destruction. Grendel has brought, he says, “My tongue has grown heavy, / and my heart..”Which of the following does he most likely mean? It is hard for me to talk about such damage because my heart aches for my countrymen

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