Beowulf review

When beowulf begins, who is the king of Danies and what kind of king is he? Hrothgar is the king and he is old and wise
why do you think hrothfar unable to prevent Grendel from attacking Herot? he is not as powerful and strong as grendel
why does beowulf, a geat , come to hrothgars aid? Hrothgars helped beowulfs father and hrothgar needs men, so they came to defeat Grendel
HOw many warriors does Beowulf bring with him? 14 men
who is the first man to greet the Geats? What is his job? A King hrothgars watchmen and his job was keeping the pirates and raiders away. He patrols the boats.
describe some of the accomplishments beowulf gives in his boast (verbal resume) to hrothgar? He has captured and killed men in the land and the sea. His people had seen his strength.
how does grendel react to the merry-making at the mead hall? why? Grendel was growling in pain because he did not enjoy hearing the mean singing and celebrating. He was mad that the men sang songs about the creation of the earth and their pleasurers. He was mad about their cheerfullness
How long does Grendel terrorize the mead hall? 12 years
describe how grendel’s arm was removed and why Beowulf hangs it from the reafters of Herot? Grendels power is gone. Beowulf snaps off Grendal’s shoulder to his claws. The battle is over. Grendal escapes back to his den. He went there to die. THe celebration begins. Danes hung grendels shoulder to his claw from the highest rafter as a trophy
What two items does Beowulf present to Hrothgar after the battle with Grendel’s mother? Beowulf takes Grendels head and the Hilt of Giants Jewel sword
How is Beowulf’s battle with Grendel different from is battle with the fire dragon? Grendel could be tworn limb from limb, but this enemy cannot be crushed. He is a fire breathing dragon.
How is Beowulf’s battle with Grendel similar to the battle with Grendel’s mother? both hard to kill and beowulf beheaded them both
How does Beowulf kill Grendel’s mother ? Beowulf cutt her head off
explain the role of the mead hall and scop to the Anglo-saxon people It was build to show that its greater than any other mead hall on earth. Place for gathering celebration. The scop was a traveling poet who went place to place to tell poemes and short stories. That is how the Geats found out about the danes.
What qualities did the ANglo-saxon people value in their society? 1) law and order 2) fame and success 3)leadership 4) loyalty5)bravery 6) generosity 7) friendship 8) pysical strength 9) commitment to warfare 10) acceptance of violence 11) determination 12) appreciation of beauty
Which values of ANglo-saxon society are seen in Beowulf? Warefare and loyalty
What is an epic poem? long narritive poem, based on a great and serious subject, written in elevated style, centered on heroic figure (on his actions depends the fate of a tribe, a nation, or the human race) ,
List at least 4 charactersitics all epic poems share? 1)supernatural forces 2)the hero is of great importance. 3) main characters give extended formal speeches 4) setting is vast
What supernatural forces are there in Beowulf? Great strength, he is able to break grendels arm off with his bare hands. His courage to fight monsters.
what are charactersitics of a tragic hero? hero is of high social status or position 2) has a tragic flaw (makes a bad decision, a good quality carried to extreme)3) tragic flaw causes downfall of hero 4) learns something in the end about himself, human relationships, or the nature of the world 5) usually dies in the end
How is Beowulf at its basic level a struggle between good and evil? He was a mighty, courageous, and loyal warrior that is a good guy. Beowulf came to fight the bad guys for Hrothgar.
How are twenty-first century heros different from the hero in Beowulf? Beowulf defeated demons and monsters todays heros are heroic in a more diverse way. Maybe about civil acts instead of defeating ememies by attacks.
What is the tragic flaw that causes Beowulf’s downfall and eventual death? His sword did not cut deep enough to kill the dragon and he was old. He was left alone by his men to defend himself.
Can beowulf be seen as both proud and humble, or is he only proud? explain i think beowulf was proud and humble. He was proud of his strength and humble to defend the Danish kingdom from monsters, putting his loyalty first.
What does beowulf learn by the end of the epic poem? he learns that triumph must overcome all evil
how does beowulf gaurantee that he has achieved “fame after death” and will be remembered for generations to come? buried in a tomb on a high land so sailors can see his tower and think of his name.
what are two themes evident in beowulf? explain Loyalty is a big theme because he is driven by this ehthic. Reputation because from the beggining beowulf was interested in telling the king his background by boasting.
How is the ending of Beowulf appropirate for the Anglo-saxon people? The idea of death could bring fame for beowulf.
How is Beowulf relevant in todays society even though we have no monsters or dragons to slay? beowulfs enemies are like metophors we are ust to today such as grendel smbolizing envy and anger. Grendels mother showing fued. The dragon is greed and hoarding
How do most of Beowulf’s men act/react during the battle with the fire dragon? How doesthis go against Anglo-saxon values? His men ran away form Beowulf when he was loosing to the fire dragon. Running away from a battle goes against the Anglo-saxon values of accepting warefare, friendship, and bravery. They were afraid of battle and they betrayed their friend.
HOw long has Beowulf ruled greatland when the fire dragon awakens? 50 years
who is the loyal geat during beowulfs battle with the dragon? Wiglaf
HOw is this loyal warrior rewwarded just before beowulfs death? Beowulf gave wiglaf gifts a gold covered helmet , rings, mail shirt, and golden necklace
Which is the most dangerous foe beowulf fights? why? THe dragon because he is a fire breathing dragon and he was old and for the first time Beowulf fought with fate against him and glory denied him.
WHat does Beowulf ask his people to do with his body after he dies? to build a strong tomb in a tower strong and tall with his sealed ashes in the walls to remember him. To place the treasure in his tower.
why do women not have a prominet role in beowulf? back in the 21st century women didnt have rights at all.
when beowulf, an oral poem, was finally written down my monks, how did they change it (what did they add) the monks changed the pagan culture to a christianity culture filled with ethical honesty and full-truth stories told.
what is the inscription name, date day you died. why you dide.

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