Beowulf Review

Beowulf was originally written in: Old English
Beowulf is a: Geat
which character is described as being a descendent of Cain? Grendel
Heorot is: King Hrothgar’s Mead Hall
According to the Beowulf poet why was King Hrothgar considered an honorable man? because of the rings and treasures he gives to his people.
According the Beowulf Poet why was Beowulf considered an honorable man? He refuses to use a sword to fight Grendel because Grendel has none.
The poem Beowulf is a(n): epic poem
The poem Beowulf was written during a time…: when the majority of the modern day United Kingdom was converting to Christianity
Who is a Christian? the Beowulf Poet
why did Grendel’s mother attack Heorot? to avenge her son’s death
what does Grendel’s mother take from Heorot? Grendel’s arm
how does Beowulf travel to the home of Grendel’s mother? he swims all day
which warrior questions Beowulf’s strength? Unferth
Grendel’s mother lives: in an underwater layer
what saves Beowulf from Grendel’s mother when she stabs him? his shirt of armor
what does Beowulf use to kill Grendel’s mother? a sword of giants he finds in her lair
What does Beowulf do to Grendel’s dead body when he finds him in Grendel’s mother’s home? he decapitates it
What does Beowulf take from Grendel’s Mother’s home? Grendel’s head
When Beowulf returns home, he eventually becomes: king of his people
What fails Beowulf in his battle against the dragon? his sword, his shield, and his shirt of armor
who stays true to Beowulf when everyone else deserts him? Wiglaf
The battle with the dragon is wiglaf’s: first battle
Who kills the dragon? Beowulf and Wiglaf
What are Beowulf’s dying requests? to show him the treasure and to build a mound in his honor
what did Beowulf’s people do to his body? put it into the burial mound
What happened to the dragon’s treasure? it was buried in Beowulf’s funeral mound
What does Heorot symbolize? the warmth and light of society and progress
When Beowulf’s comes to King Hrothgar’s land, he is visiting a: kingdom
Beowulf’s journey is important because it emphasizes the sea’s role as: both a protective barrier and a threat
in the Anglo-Saxon world of Beowulf, what must a young warrior do to become a leader? prove himself in battle
how can a reader tell that Beowulf is an epic poem? it is a poem that tells of a legendary hero who reflects the values of the culture
the epic poem is: one of the earliest forms of literature
Beowulf is a folk epic because: it was recited or sung orally from one generation to the next
Beowulf’s resemblance to Jesus is: because people were converting to Christianity, the Beowulf Poet wanted to portray him like Jesus
Grendel symbolizes: the outsider status of the devil’s evil society
Grendel’s mother’s lair can be interpreted as a symbolic of: hell
Wiglaf can be interpreted as a symbolic interpretation of: St. Peter
Beowulf’s ability to perform larger than life feats of strength can be interpreted as a symbolic interpretation of: Jesus’ ability to perform divine miracles
The Poem Beowulf can be said to serve two functions because it: spreads the message of Christianity while maintaining the folklore of the people
Heorot can be interpreted as a symbolic interpretation of: heaven
Beowulf can be divided into: three battles
Grendel’s mother kills King Hrothgar’s advisor___. Aeschere
In Anglo-Saxon England, Beowulf’s bragging: would be considered acceptable for those who proved themselves in battle
Beowulf eventually becomes: King of Geatland
Beowulf’s final requests to Wiglaf show: Anglo-Saxon concern with material possessions and legacy

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