Beowulf Reading Check 2

Describe Herot Very spacious and beautiful, a mead hall, symbolizes joy, culture, and civilization
Describe Grendel’s lair. How does it compare to Herot? It is described as a supernatural lake. It is filled with monsters and is not very big. The Herot is pretty, spacious, and happy.
What is the significance of Grendel being descended from Cain? It signifies that Grendel is cursed by God and is inclined to commit crimes like this because of his family. Grendel in general is at odds with Christian civilization.
Why does Grendel attack Herot? Herot was praising God and Grendel has beef with God for making him a monster.
What had Herot symbolized before the coming of Grendel? After? Before he symbolized happiness, joy, and success.After he symbolized sorrow, defeat, and helplessness.
Why is Hrothgar’s lieutenant concerned about the arrival of Beowulf and his men? He is concerned because he wants credit for the things he has done. Beowulf is getting all the credit and he doesn’t want that.
How does the lieutenant recognize Beowulf as a hero? He gives Beowulf his sword.
Why does Unferth bring up Beowulf’s swimming match with Brecca? How does Beowulf respond? He tries to make Beowulf seem like less of a hero. They essentially got into a bragging battle and Beowulf recounts the story of his heroic adventures.
What is Welthow’s role in Herot? What does the narrator praise her for? She seems to be the peacemaker in the story. Although she doesn’t have a huge role, she embodies charm and hospitality.
What is the significance of Hrothgar’s speech in lines 655-661 (44) Trusting Herot to take care of the land and asking him to make this the best that he can and keep it free of evil and fight with glory from the heart.

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