Beowulf Quotes

“In his day, my father was a famous man, a noble warrior-lord named Egcetheow” speaker is Beowulf, he is telling the coast guard why he is here and that is because he wants to help destroy Grendel. This quote shows loyalty (his dad knew hrothgar), man vs beast (he is hoping to kill grendel), and fame
“fate goes as ever fate must” speaker is Beowulf, he is speaking to Hrothgar and everyone in Heorot and telling them that he will defeat Grendel. This quote shows fate and time in general.
“Endure your troubles. Bear up and be the man i expect you to be Beowulf is speaking. one of hrothgar’s best friends just died and so Beowulf tries to bolster hrothgar’s courage by proclaiming that the heroic code guides their lives. After this they go to attack Grendel’s mother. This represents the Viking Code and the significance is that Beowulf is stepping up and helping out Hrothgar.
he would have to rely on the might of his arm so must a man due who intends to gain enduring glory in combat narrator is speaking. this is when beowulf’s sword breaks in the battle with Grendel’s mother. This shows man vs beast.
it was easy for the lord, the ruler of heaven, to redress the balance once beowulf got back up on his feet narrator is speaking, this is when God helps Beowulf after Beowulf has fallen down. Theme is generosity and Christianity
a warrior will sooner die than live a life of shame wiglaf is speaking. He is shaming the other warriors because they didn’t help Beowulf and then Beowulf died fighting the dragon. The theme is the Viking Code, more specifically loyalty, bravery, and courage. The theme is also thane’s duty to his lord.
A geat woman too sang out in grief; with hair bound up, she unburdened herself of her worst fears, a wild litany of nightmare and lament speaker is the narrator. This is during beowulf’s funeral, at the end of the book. The theme is loyalty and feminine roles. Shows how important Beowulf was to his community
they let the ground keep that ancestral treasure, gold under gravel, gone to earth, as useless to men now as it ever was narrator is speaking, referring to the treasure that is buried under gravel and is now worthless. Significance is that gold and treasure are useless
they said that of all the kings upon the earth he was the most gracious and fair minded, kindest to his people and keenest to win fame narrator is speaking, last lines of the poems and the narrator is trying to summarize Beowulf’s life. The theme is Viking Code and a Lord’s duty to his thanes.
now is the time i would have wanted to bestow this armor on my own son, had it been my fortune to have fathered an heir and live in his flesh beowulf is speaking. After Beowulf delivered the fatal blow to the dragon. Significant because Beowulf has killed the dragon and is suggesting that Wiglaf should be his heir. Theme is lineage.

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