Beowulf Quiz

arrange from good to evil:beowulf, god, satan, and grendel God, Beowulf, Grendel, Satan
how was the story of Beowulf told? oral tradition then written
what was the religious background of the time pagans were converting to christians
beowulf wears __ which __ in the sun because he is___ and blessed by __ armor shinesgood God
arrange in chronological order?survivors flee, grendel kills, the feast, grendel rules the feast (the dinner going on before Grendel comes) Grendel kills, survivors flee, and Grendel rules
after, Herot ___. Hrothgar is __. The people turn to __ for help. __ hears of the trouble 12 wintry (experienced 12 winters)sadsatanBeowulf
place the events in chronological order?Hrothgar agrees to fight, beowulf defeats the giant, beowulf sails to Herot, the watchman takes beowulf to hrothgar -Beowulf defeats the giant-beowulf sails to Herot-the watchmen take Beowulf to Hrothgar-Hrothgar agrees to fight
“huddled helplessly in the hall” is __ of __ alliteration of the letter H
“Herot’s mighty hero” is a __ of __ kenning of beowulf
dashes, periods, commas all signify what a caesura
how does beowulf fight Grendel? with his bare hands
make a true statement about the final battle?flees Grendel, fight Beowulf Beowulf fights and Grendel flees

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