Beowulf Questions

What do you think Grendel represents? He represents Beowulf’s shadow, or his evil part.
With what aspects of nature is he associated? He exists outside of human society
How does Grendel’s world contrast with that of Herot. Herot is about community, celebrating victories, drinking being social, whereas Grendel is always described as a loner, lives in the wild marshes
Describe where Grendel lives and the nature of his origins Grendel lives in the deep swamp and he kill/eat people at night
Besides being exciting, how is the battle with Grendel a representation of good against evil? it emphasizes the fact that Beowulf is supper human, shows a since of fair play that also supports the idea of good, Grendel is evil, he represents the darker side of life
What is the significance of Beowulf’s meeting Grendel alone and unarmed? In Beowulf, Beowulf attacks Grendel, rips his arm off hangs it on the rafters. Grendel walks off, deeper into the cave under the lake, only to die. Later Beowulf returns and cuts Grendel’s head off
What traits of Beowulf and Grendel raise the fight between them to an epic struggle between good and evil? Beowulf represents good and humanity while Grendel represents evil and that side. =good v. evil
Why is the image of the stag powerful?
Describe the battle between Beowulf and Grendel’s mother. This was a tougher fight for Beowulf because his sword can’t hurt the mother, so he use his fist and eventually found a mystic sword and cut her head off
After the struggle with Grendel’s mother, why does Beowulf search for Grendel? He searches for Grendel because now he can prove to the people that he killed him
Why does Beowulf feel that he has to face the dragon? He must fight the dragon because he is the king and he doesn’t want the dragon to terrorize his kingdom
Describe the battle between the dragon and Beowulf. Why does Wiglaf come to Beowulf’s aid? Before he died, he asked Wiglaf to give his treasures and armor back to the kingdom and they are both similar because they are loyal warriors
What is intimated about the future of the society? this indicates that without Beowulf the kingdom will fall
Give evidence of paganism and Christianity.
What did you learn about that society?
Discuss the altercation with Unferth. Why is it included?
Where is Beowulf put to rest? • tumulus, a burial mound, in Geatland
What do his comrades do following his burial? They talk of all the great things he did
What is the irony at the end? The men say great things about Beowulf when they didn’t come to his aid
Gales settled in Ireland
Kelts were famers, hunters, they were very loyal to their chieftain, they fought with other
Wargild If someone were killed, they would have feuds, they could pay a Wargild, and that would be the price for the man
Drueds class of priest’s they weren’t totally Christians, they were placed on a pedestal with different clads and the chieftain of the clan would go and try to get things worked out
Romans (55 BC) they built all sort of things, roman ruins all over England, introduced Christianity Left in 407 AD.
Anglo saxtons area we think of as Germany, deep-sea fisherman and farmers, angles, the Saxons and the Jews
Danish invasion invasion of the Vikings, at this time Alfred the great was the king of _____ he gained the epithet the great. He was the king that led them to push back the Danish (878 AD)
Anglo Saxon literature began orally, mainly 2 categories heroic- told achieves of warriors and elegiac- laments the loss of someone or something, Beowulf emerges from it, national epic of England
Anglo Saxton Chrionicals group of historical journals and they were commissioned by Alfred the great, written in monasteries, under his direction, written in old English. The action in Beowulf tames place in the 6th century
Beowulf when written down in the 6th century written in old English
Peganism people believed that their lives could be ruled by fate, believed in many God,
Christians believed in one god and had the option to follow their own path

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