Beowulf Personification

“…that fate was too hard which drew the people’s king thither.” shows importance
“…let the wave take him, the flood embrace the guardian of the treasure.” shows power
“…the sky swallowed up the smoke.” shows action
“…the hostile roof of the foeman.” shows action
“That hilted sword was called Hrunting.” shows importance
“The fire, greediest of spirits, consumed all those of both peoples whom war carried off there.” shows power
“Fate ever goes as it must.” shows respect
“The war-corslet shone, firmly hand-locked, the gleaming iron rings sang in the armour as they came on their way in the trappings of war even to the hall.” shows action
“Treachery came upon him.” shows importance
“the bold fire-breathing dragon, was mindful of fighting; he rushed on the mighty man, when a chance offered, hot and fierce in fight;…” shows power

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