Beowulf Part 1

Where does the action in Beowulf take place? Denmark and Sweden
Beowulf was originally told in what language? And when was is finally written down? How long was the original poem? Old English, 700 AD, 3128 lines
Was Scyld a hero? What happened to him after his death? Yes, they take him and put him in a ship & let the sea take it.
What’s the antagonist’s name? Grendel
What causes Grendel to attack the mead hall? Grendel is jealous of their happiness
Why would the author place the description of Herot with the dwelling of the monster beside each other? Herot is loud, bright, and crowded while Grendel’s dwelling is dark, miserable, and lonely. This is to show the stark difference between the two and to set up the theme of good vs evil.
Which words in the description of Grendel’s birth are most effective in portraying his evil nature? “Murderous”, “banished by God”, “spawned” in “slime”
How long does the feud between Grendel and Hrothgar last? 12 years
How does the storyteller establish that the upcoming battle is not just a battle between a hero and a monster, but between good and evil? He says that Hrothgar’s throne is protected by God.
Based on the initial description of Beowulf, what things did the Anglo-Saxons value? Strength, bravery, compassion, leadership
What is the watchman’s opinion of Beowulf? What evidence supports your answer? He believes Beowulf is someone important. He says he has never seen someone like Beowulf and that he doesn’t carry the commoners’ weapons.
What characteristics can you infer that the Anglo-Saxons valued? Loyalty to the king and tribe, family lineage
With what weapon does Beowulf fight Grendel? Why? With his bare hands to make it a fair fight
Why does Beowulf tell the story of his battle with Breca? To discredit Unferth who is trying to make him look bad.
Why would the poet use different points of view to describe the battle? To give a complete view of the battle
What injury does Beowulf inflict upon Grendel? He rips his arm off
How is the supernatural involved in the tale? Grendel uses magic so weapons can’t hurt him
Give two examples of Beowulf as a good leader He’s loyal to his men, forward thinking, and willing to make sacrifices for the greater good
What element of the poem makes it similar to a fairy tale? Hero, monster, magic
Scyld founder of the Danish royal line
Hrothgar current king of Danes
Herot Hrothgar’s mead hall
Grendel monster; seed of Cain
Beowulf hero, Geat
Geat Swedish, Beowulf’s people
Higlac Beowulf’s uncle and king
Edgetho Beowulf’s dad
Wergild “man payment”, compensation to the family of those killed(not in battle) to avoid a blood feud
Unferth “peace breaker”, Hrothgar’s thane who taunts Beowulf
Breca Beowulf’s friend, swimming contest

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