Beowulf Multiple Choice

Denmark In what country does the action of the story take place?
A ship with treasure What is King Shild placed in when he dies?
A Mead Hall What does King Hrothgar decide to build which would “reach higher toward Heaven than anything”?
Cain What biblical character is the monster’s ancestor?
30 How many of Hrothgar’s men does the monster kill in just one night?
Grendel What is the name of the monster?
God What protects Hrothgar from being attacked by the monster?
14 + Beowulf How many Geats in all does Beowulf choose to accompany him on his mission to aid Hrothgar?
His own hands With what weapon does Beowulf say he will battle the monster?
Mead What is the name of the beverage Beowulf, Hrothgar, and all the thanes drink in such great quantity?
False True or False: Unferth, like Hrothgar, is pleased to see Beowulf and welcomes his assistance.
His brother Who does Beowulf say Unferth is guilty of murdering?
Fire The only thing the might Herot was not built to withstand was
1 How many Geats does Grendel kill on his visit to Herot in Chapter 11?
The arm; the rafter What body part does Beowulf rip from Grendel’s body, and where in Herot is that body part hung for display?
A fire-breathing dragon What mythical creature does the legendary Siegmund slay with a blow so savage “that it slit the creature/ Through, pieced its flesh and pinned it to a wall”?
A saddle/ a helmet In addition to the eight steed with golden bridles, what important piece of riding equipment does Hrothgar give to Beowulf>
A necklace What does Queen Welthow give to Beowulf that was described being “the most beautiful known to man”?
Grendel’s Mother Who decides to avenge the death of Grendel?
1 How many Dances does Grendel’s mother actually kill?
They were not there Why were no Geats slain in the assault to avenge the death of Grendel?
Grendel’s arm What, other than human flesh, does the attacker from Herot?
In a swamp Where does Grendel’s avenger actually live?
Higlac Who does Beowulf give virtually all of Hrothgar’s presents to?
A necklace What item of jewelry does Beowulf give to Higd?
False True or False: Beowulf was revered and honored by the Geats from the time of his birth.
In battle How is Herdred, King of the Geats killed?
Beowulf; about 50 years Who become King after Herdred is killed, and how many years does he rule for?
A cup/goblet What specific item has been stolen from the dragon’s hoard?
Herbald Which one of Hrethel’s son’s was tragically killed in a hunting accident?
The shield melts and the sword breaks What specifically happens to Beowulf shield and sword when he faces the dragon?
1 stays, but he ends up fighting How many Geats remain at the entrance to the dragon’s lair awaiting the return of Beowulf?
His neck Where does the dragon mortally wound Beowulf?
Wiglaf Who helps Beowulf defeat the dragon?
Treasure What does Beowulf ask to see immediately prior to his death?
Burn it and place the ashes in a tower (yet to be built) What do the Geats do with Beowulf’s corpse?

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