Beowulf lists and kennings

3 things Hrothgar gave his people land, mead hall, their lives
Beowulf’s resume hand strength of 30 men, killed 5 giants and their families, killed nicors
8 gifts Hrothgar gave Beowulf after killing Grendel standard of gold, new helmet, new sword, crown of wreath, banner embroidered with his accomplishment, new byrny, 8 horses, saddle
3 things Wealtheow gave Beowulf corslet, gold collar, a compliment
Beowulf’s 4 requests before he fights troll wife protect his thanes, send his treasure back to king in Sweden, mark where I fall with father’s love (tombstone), give Unferth his sword back
2 things Beowulf brings back form troll wife cave what was left of his sword used to kill her, head of Grendel
4 gifts Beowulf gave Hygelac (most important) boar crested head piece, towering helmet, byrny, sword
2 things Beowulf gives to Hygd 3 horses with saddles, beautiful necklace from Wealtheow
4 gifts Hygelac gives Beowulf plot of land, a hall (house/castle), sword-Nagling (family heirloom), voice in government (cabinet member)
4 things Beowulf boasts about kept what was his, started no quarrels, swore no false oaths, killed no kinsman
3 last requests from Beowulf let me see the treasure i’m dying for, give my gold to my people, build a barrow or monument on cape of Whales
4 things Beowulf gives to Wiglaf ring, his helmet, his byrny, his collar
4 ways Geats describe Beowulf kindest, mildest, gentle, most eager for fame
6 languages Celtic, Scandinavian, Anglo, Saxon, Jutes, Latin
3 reasons England is desirable to live warm temperatures, rich fertile soil, water inlets
kennings for Grendel Shepard of sins, foe of God, cursed monster
kennings for Beowulf prince of the weders, son of Ecgtheow, Lord of seamen
kennings for Hrothgar whitehaired warrior, lord of nations, giver of rings
kennings for dragon hoard warden, fire drake, guard of the mound
kennings for troll wife monstrous hag, the dam of Grendel, ravaging hag
kenning a poetic device that is a 2 or more word metaphor
alliteration repeating consonant sounds
wyrd fate-their god
epic a long narrative poem (genre of Beowulf)
characteristics of an epic universal hero, supernatural, tells story/relates to other stories, lofty language, concerned with moral values, unbiased, deep elemental passion, historical writing
corselet breastplate
scop singing story teller
boon favor or request-Beowulf asked if he could fight Grendel
difference between Beowulf’s shield and Wiglaf’s shied Beowulf’s was made of metal

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