Beowulf Hero’s Journey Chart

Call to adventure in his home. People ask him to fight Grendel.
Refusal to the call There was no refusal.
Answering the call His ego/ him being the most “mighty”
Supernatural Aid King Hrothgar
Talisman The thrown/ kingdom
Companions His best men (soldiers) and king Hrothgar.
Crossing the Threshold Leaving his “ordinary world” going into the boat into the sea. “Geatland to Denmark”
Threshold Guardian The older man who tries to prevent them crossing.
Road of Trials The challenges are Beowulf fights Grendel and his mother. Going down into the lake as well.
Brother Battle/ Dragon Battle Beowulf battles monsters (physically) specifically the dragon.
Meeting with the Goddess When Beowulf meets Wiglaf. Wiglaf helps and gives advice.
Atonement with the Father When Beowulf comes back with gifts and presents them to Hygelac and praises him.
Apotheosis Beowulf has become older and is too old to do what he used to do (fighting).
Ultimate Boon The special solution was Grendels head.
Refusal of the Return The return of Wiglaf.
Magic Flight/Pursuit The shields melting, swords breaking is when it seems pointless.
Rescue from Without Beowulf dies because the dragon killed him but Wiglaf was the only one who stays. Wiglaf was with Beowulf in his last moments.
Crossing the Return Threshold When Beowulf passes his legacy down to Wiglaf. Not a happy resolution because he is dying.
Freedom to Live Leaving items and treasures to his people to incorporate himself into their culture.

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