Beowulf Hero’s Journey

Ordinary World Geatland
Call to Adventure hears about destruction caused by Grendel in the other land and asks Hygelac (his uncle and king of Geatland) for permission to battle Grendel
Refusal of the Call The Watchman. The Watchman is also the Threshold Guardian. : Hygelac says no when Beowulf asks permission and he convinces Hygelac to let him go
Meeting the Mentor Hrothgar. Beowulf swears his allegiance to Hrothgar and in return Hrothgar prepares him for battle
Test, Enemies, and Allies Unferth teases Beowulf which may possibly make him an enemy. Beowulf argues by telling a better story, gives reasons for his failure due to larger bravery. Test Fight with Grendel
Crossing the threshold Beowulf sleeps naked in Heorot Beowulf learned to not wear armor during battle with Grendel because Grendel may use the armor against him
The Approach Grendel’s mother retrieves Grendel’s arm
The Life or Death Ordeal Beowulf’s fight with Grendel’s mom in her cave under the acid water
The Reward Beowulf offers the head of Grendel to Hrothgar and in return he receives treasures
The Road Back Beowulf goes back to Geatland, shares his treasure, and eventually becomes king, ruling for 50 years
Resurrection Beowulf gives up his crown to become a warrior again and goes to fight the dragon He kills the dragon but in the he is bit on the neck
Return with the Elixir before Beowulf dies, he tells Wigilaf to take the dragon’s treasure back to Geatland and to tell his story; also tells Wigilaf to build a barrow in his name so that people will remember who he was

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