Beowulf, Gawain, & Macbeth Vocab

Dais n- raised VIP platform
Largesse n- gifts
Board n- dining table
Hauberk n- byrny
Bruited v- rumored
Cuisse n- thigh armor
Cornice n-molding
Crenellations n
Portcullis n
Avid adj- eager
Ecclesiastical adj- religious
Laity n- common, non-clergy people
Repast n- feast
Baldric n- shoulder-belt
Continence n- self-control
Byrny n- Chainmail
Bower n- a leafy shelter
Parley n- debate, conversation
Buckler n- a round shield held on the forearm
Mien n- demeanor
Fain adj- happily, gladly
Fen n- marsh, swamp, bog
Blithesome adj- happy, merry
Mere n- a pond
Winsome adj- charming, attractive
Ween v- to think or suppose
Baleful adj- menacing, horrible
Chalice n- goblet
Vizard n- a mask
Equivocation n- use of ambiguous language to conceal the truth
Jocund adj- happy
Purveyor n- a provider
Husbandry n- management of resources
Sentinel n- watchman
Chide v- to scold
Dauntless adj- fearless
Nonpareil adj- unrivaled
Unmanned adj- lacking self-control
Maw n- The jaws of a voracious animal
Foisons n- abundance

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