Beowulf Flashcards

Cain Who is Grendel assumed to be the decendant of?
He wanted to have fame in other lands and prove himself. Why did Beowulf help the King kill Grendel?
He ripped off his arm, let Grendel run off to his home and bleed to death. How did Beowulf kill Grendel?
Beowulf used a magic sword that was from the giants, he’s sword wouldn’t work. How did Grendel’s mother die?
In Herot, and under water in her home. Where was the battle with Grendel fought? Grendel’s mother?
50 years. How much time had passed from the battle with Grendel’s mother to Beowulf’s final battle?
Wiglaf, all the other men ran and hid. Who was the one person who stayed to help Beowulf with the dragon?
Build him a tower in his honor so people remember him, and surround him with treasure till he died. What two things did Beowulf ask Wiglaf to do?
Because his men left him and “forgot” him while he fought the dragon. Why is it ironic that a tower was built in Beowulf’s memory?
Grendel’s head. What does Beowulf bring to Herot after he defeats Grendel’s mother?
Herot What’s the name of the mead hall?
That he wants Wiglaf to become king and rule his people. What does Beowulf imply while talking to Wiglaf before he dies?
He’s a Geat, from what would be modern day Swedan. Where is Beowulf from?
King Hrothgar of the Danes. Who did Beowulf go to help the first time?
She goes to Herot and kills a single man. Who happens to be a close friend of the King. How does Grendel’s mother react to Grendel’s death?
He’s older and seems to be scared and a little less confident. How’d Beowulf second speech differ from the first time?

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