wrecker of mead-benches Shield Sheafson
a cub in the yard Beowulf
fighter prince Halfdane
the hall of halls Heorot
fiend out of hell Grendel
God-cursed brute Grendel
the Lord’s outcast Grendel
dark death-shadow Grendel
canny pilot Beowulf
corpse-maker Grendel
timbered hall Heorot
dazzling stronghold Heorot
son of Halfdane Hrothgar
leader of the shieldings/danes Hrothgar
protector of Shieldings Hrothgar
grey-haired treasure-giver Hrothgar
hall-warden Beowulf
King of Glory Hrothgar
agent of chaos Grendel
terror-monger Grendel
earl-troop’s leader Beowulf
Geat captain Beowulf
warrior prince Beowulf
monstrous hell-bride Grendel’s mother
troll dam Grendel’s morther
wave-sheened wonderblade Beowulf’s sword
sure footed fighter Beowulf
strongest of warriors Beowulf
thane’s warrior Beowulf
arch-warrior Beowulf
gold-giver Hygelac
the world’s candle the sun
vile sky-winger the dragon
son of Ecgtheow Beowulf
son of Weohstan Wiglaf
living warrior Wiglaf

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