Beowulf: Clash of the Gods Documentary

1. It [Beowulf] is the oldest story in the ____________________ language. English
2. Describe the damage Grendel creates in the Mead Hall? Entrails, bones, limbs, blood everywhere
3. Beowulf is not afraid to lose his ____________________ for honor and glory. life
4. The myth of Beowulf represents the symbolic class between _________________________. Good versus Evil
5. Though it is not known who authored the epic poem, Beowulf was composed between A.D. 700-950 in _________________________. England
6. The action takes place in _________________________ century in Scandinavia, but written in Anglo-Saxon England. Sixth
7. The society has a deep _________________________background. The poem recasts the story in a Christian mold. Pagan
8. Beowulf’s first nemesis (of three) is the monster named _________________________. The monster’s link to the Bible is that he is a descendant of _________________________, humankind’s first murderer. Grendel, Cain
9. Grendel is _________________________ of the men feasting in the mead halls. His reaction is to _________________________. jealous, attack and destroy
10. Grendel is described as a _________________________ of the dark. He has been attacking Denmark for _________________________ years. demon, twelve
11. Grendel could not harm King _________________________. Hrothgar
12. In Geatland, in South Sweden, lives the warrior named _________________________ He will have to slay _________________________. Beowulf, Grendel/monster
13. Do Beowulf’s men’s swords hurt Grendel? no
14. Sutton Hoo is a place where archeologists excavated what? Many bodies torn apart possibly by a monster.
15. Beowulf uses his _________________________as his weapon to defeat Grendel. bare hands
16. Beowulf defeats Grendel by grabbing his _________________________ and pulling it off. arm
17. The warriors who died are laid to rest. What is done with the dead’s valuables? Valuables placed in a boat that is put out to sea then burned.
18. What else is found in Sutton Hoo as evidence? Buried ship, artifacts, a hall from the time of Beowulf
19. Heorot, means “hall of the _________________________.” It was a throne room and a _________________________ hall. Stag, banquet
20. The Norse Sagas were written in _________________________ AD. Based on Nordic family history, the saga tells of a Danish King named _________________________ who lived in 5th Century AD. 1100, 1400 Hrothgar
21. Who is mourning the death of Grendel? Grendel’s mother, the second nemesis of Beowulf
22. What is the revenge of the second nemesis? She destroys the men sleeping in the hall.
23. Where was Beowulf during the attack? He was away for the night.
24. Describe the journey Beowulf has to take to find the second nemesis. He follows the blood trail, travels underwater in a lake with sea dragons.
25. For the journey, Beowulf is given a special _________________________. sword
26. How did Beowulf defeat the mother? Finds an ancient sword and cuts her head off.
27. Grendel’s mother’s death is seen as a religious metaphor. As Grendel’s mother dies, _________________________ dies and is replaced by Christianity. Paganism
28. What government sent soldiers to convert Anglo-Saxon pagans into Christians? Rome
29. A _________________________ from Sweden spilt in Geatland. After the battle, Beowulf earns the _________________________ of Geatland. The battle occurred on a frozen _________________________. Civil war, throne, lake
30. Fifty years after his exploits with Grendel and mother and after many years as ruler of Geatland in peace and prosperity, a third nemesis comes forth in the form of a _________________________. dragon
31. The ultimate insult from the 3rd nemesis is the burning of _________________________. Beowulf’s home
32. Wiglaf, the inexperienced warrior, is the only warrior not to _________________________ when they saw the dragon. flee
33. In the Christian religion, dragons represent _________________________, but in older mythologies, dragons represent the embodiment of _________________________. Satan, power
34. One theory is that dragons were inspired by humans finding_________________________ bones. dinosaur
35. The poem or story concludes by Beowulf killing the dragon by hitting his_________________________ with a sword. Beowulf is mortally wounded because the dragon bit him in the _________________________. He looks at the dragon’s _________________________ as he dies. He leaves _________________________ as his heir. Belly, neck, treasure, Wiglaf

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