Beowulf Characters (all)

Shield Sheafon legendary Danish king–a “good king”–Hrothgar is one of his descendants
Halfdane Danish king–son of Beow and father of Hrothgar, Heorogar, and Halga
Heorogar Hrothgar’s brother–son of Halfdane
Hrothgar king of the Danes–kingdom terrorized by Grendel. Father figure to Beowulf
Halga another son of Halfdane
Onela Beowulf kills this man because the Swedes kill Hygelac’s son–Heardred. Marries Hrothgar’s daughter.
Heorot mead-hall built by Hrothgar–terrorized by Grendel
Grendel said to be a descedant of Cain (symbolically), terrorizes Heorot and threatens the Danes until he is defeated by Beowulf–lives in the fens
Hygelac king of the Geats, also Beowulf’s uncle, son of Hrethel and husband of Hygd
Ecgtheow Beowulf’s father–nearly starts a feud with the Wulfings until Hrothgar pays them–that’s why Beowulf is killing Grendel for Hrothgar (part of why, at least)
Wulfgar Hrothgar’s harold
Hrethel Hygelac’s father, takes Beowulf in after Ecgtheow dies
Unferth verbally challenges Beowulf on his first night in Heorot
Breca beat Beowulf in a swimming competition–Beowulf killed more sea-monsters though
Wealhtheow Hrothgar’s queen–good peaceweaver
Sigemund legendary hero who killed a dragon
Fitela Sigemund’s uncle
Heremod Evil, power-hungry king in Sigemund’s tale. Hrothgar contrasts Beowulf to him.
Hrothulf Hrothgar’s nephew–causes the downfall of the Danes
Finn Frisian king in the Finnsburg Lay–married to Hildeburh, kills her brother, Hnaef but is killed by Hengest
Hnaef Hildeburh’s brother–killed by Finn
Hildeburh Danish princess from the Finnsburg Lay–married to Finn and loses her son and brother (Hnaef) at battle at Finn’s hall
Hengest Danish warrior from the Finnsburg Lay–takes charge and makes a truce with the Frisians–then kills them
Hrethric Hrothgar’s oldest son–rightful heir of the throne but Hrothulf betrays him to take the throne
Hrothmund Hrothgar’s other son
Grendel’s Mother wants revenge on the Danes, lives in a mere, kills Aeschere but Beowulf kills her eventually
Aeschere Hrothgar’s friend and counsellor–killed by Grendel’s mother to lure Beowulf into fighting her
Hrunting sword that Unferth lent to Beowulf–famous for never failing in battle but does so against Grendel’s mother
Hygd Hygelac’s queen, good peace-weaver–contrasted with Modthryth
Modthryth an evil queen who turned better after marrying Offa
Offa a good king who marries Modthryth and makes her less bad
Freawaru Hrothgar’s daughter–Beowulf forsees her marrying Ingeld and sparking a feud between the Danes and Heathobards
Ingeld who Freawaru plans to marry–Heathobard
Handscio the one Geat warrior that Grendel killed
Heardred Hygelac’s heir that is slain by the Swedes
the dragon guarded treasure for 300 years–awoken by a slave fleeing his master who got away with something. Furious and terrorizing Geatland.
Ongentheow Swedish king who killed Haethcyn (one of Hygelac’s brothers)–killed by Eofor
Herebeald Hrethel’s son–accidentally killed by his brother Haethcyn’s stray arrow–oldest brother
Haethcyn killed Herebeald–not punished but not loved by Hrethel–killed by Ongentheow in feud
Eofor Hygelac’s thane, kills Ongentheow
Wiglaf one of Beowulf’s Geatish soldiers–only one who helps him fight the dragon, delivers one crucial blow. Similar to Beowulf.
Naegling Beowulf’s sword, infallible until it fails him against the dragon
Wulf Eofor’s brother–delivered crucial blow to Ongentheow but was injured by him

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