Beowulf Ch 15-30

How does Beowulf respond to Hrothgar’s praise? Beowulf recounts the fight.
How does Hrothgar reward Beowulf in Part XV? Hrothgar rewards Beowulf by giving him a helmet, sword, an embroidered banner, an embossed ridge, a band lapped with wire, and 8 horses with gold bridles.
What does Hrothgar’s generosity say about his character? Hrothgar is a grateful king that is loved and respected.
Describe the scene at Herot when everyone goes to bed in Part XVIII. All the men drink wine and sleep soundly.
Who comes to Herot and what is taken? Grendel’s mother comes to Herot and takes Grendel’s head.
Who is Esher? Esher is one of the counselors to Hrothgar and was killed by Grendel’s mother.
What does Hrothgar ask Beowulf to do? Hrothgar asks Beowulf to kill Grendel’s mother.
Describe the lake. The lake burns at night and nobody knows how deep it is. It also has a fog over it and it is said to have trees with snake-like branches that cover the lake.
What does Unferth give to Beowulf? Why? Unferth gives Beowulf the Hrunting sword as a way to admit Beowulf is a greater warrior.
Describe the battle between Beowulf and Grendel’s mother. Beowulf throws her then she throws him. Beowulf was then being pinned down and grabs a huge sword and cuts off her head.
What 3 ways does Beowulf try to defeat Grendel’s mother. 1. With the Hrunting sword2. By physically over-powering her.3. He uses a large sword he found in the cave.
What is the purpose of discussing the 2 queens? One is good and one is evil.
How does Beowulf defeat her? He slices her head off.
What does Beowulf do before he swims back to land? What do Hrothgar and other warriors think has happened? Beowulf grabbed Grendels head and the big sword. They think Beowulf had died.
What does Beowulf emphasize when retelling his adventures? Why does he do this? Beowulf emphasizes Grendel’s ferocity and his rewards for slaying him. He does this to give a clearer picture of the hero Beowulf is.
What 2 things does Beowulf present to Hrothgar? Grendel’s head and the big sword.
What does Hrothgar warn Beowulf about in his speech? The curse of the pride.
Describe Beowulf’s departure. Beowulf and his men are showered with gifts, they then exchange departures and sail home.

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