Beowulf: Biblical allusions

Abraham and isaac Symbolic of man’s willingness to make the ultimate sacrafice to demonstrate his faith and trust in god. Also of the idea that faith and trust in God
Absalom The word alludes to paternal grief and to a lost and faithless son
Burning bush Represents physical proof of divinity
Cain and abel The symbol is brother vs. brother conflict
Daniel Representative of extreme bravery and unwavering faith in the face of adversity
David and bathsheba The child conceived during their affair died, but Bathsheba later gave birth to solomon
David and goliath The battle and victory became symbolic of the just defeating the unjust
Eye for an eye The practice of exacting specific and equal punishment for a transgression or injury
Heap coals of fire It is said that if you treat your enemy with kindness, it will sting him. Teaches a lesson in mercy and cautions “be kind to your enemy”
Jacob and Esau Fortunate or favored son
Jacobs ladder Symbolic of the path to god and to heaven
Jezebel A seductive woman who leads the hero astray
Jonah This event is thought to prefigure Christ’s death, three days in the tomb, resurrection. Modern example: Pinocchio
Lion lies down with the lamb Idyllic harmony and universal peave
Lot/Lot’s wife Was turned into a pillar of salt. The tale of Lots wife is illustrative of the idea that God punishes those who are disobedient
Moses Because he committed one arrogant sin- striking a rock to bring forth needed water- he himself was not permitted to enter the Promised Land
Noah and the Flood Noah, a good man, to build an ark
Philistines Rude person lacking in culture and artistic appreciation and characterized by materialistic values
Rachel and leah are referred to together as the matriarchs of Israel
Ruth Her lovingly loyal behavior became model for good women to follow. Boaz also represents openness to the world
Sodom and Gormorrah They stand as symbols of debauchery
Solomon The wisest and grandest of the kings of israel
Swords into ploughshares The phrase is often used by speakers advocating peace
Tower of Babel This is the biblical explanation explanation for the diversity of languages in the world

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