Hrothgar king of Danes
Beowulf Geat warrior
Name the 3 monsters in the story and what evils they represent. Grendel=jealousy, Grendel’s mom=revenge, dragon=greed
scop travelling storyteller
Original language of Beowulf Latin
epic story told in verse that celebrates the deeds of a legendary hero
alliteration repetition of initial consonant soundsex: with, will, wood
assonance repetition of vowel soundsex: churned, surf, burp
caesura rhythmic break in middle of line of poetry
consonance repetition of consonant sounds ex: dark, panic
kenning two-word renaming of a nounex: mead-hall, boy-child
legendary hero larger than life character whose accomplishments are celebrated in traditional tales
manuscript original version of a piece of literature
Language spoken by Anglo-Saxons Old English
vernacular spoken language of people at that time
What kind of writing is this: sea-brutes kenning example
What kind of writing is this: goes, gorged, ground alliteration example
What kind of writing is this: waded, embracing, taking assonance example
What kind of writing is this: stalwart, attendant, pet consonance example
Wealhtheow Queen of Geats
Hygelac King of Geats
Unferth warrior who’s jealous of Beowulf
Wiglaf warrior who remains loyal to Beowulf in fight against dragon
What is Grendel’s mom’s lair like? at bottom of monster-infested lake
What weapon does Beowulf use in fight against Grendel’s mom? What happened to it? Ancient swordGod melted it
Why is the dragon attacking the Geats? A Geat stole a cup from his hoard
Why is Beowulf an important historical document? It’s a central reference point for Anglo-Saxon period
What’s the purpose of an alliteration? to emphasize certain words and add rhythm of the line
How does Beowulf begin? with a description of Hrothgar’s paternal lineage
What’s different between the battle with Grendel and the fight with Grendel’s mom? Beowulf had to use weapons for the fight against Grendel’s mom
How is the story of Beowulf sectioned? Into the three battles
What two religions clash in this story? Christianity and Pagan

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