Why does Hrothgar build Herot? To celebrate his soldiers and their victories
Why doesn’t it collapse when Beowulf engages Grendel in combat? What might it’s collapse have symbolize? It has a strong infrastructure and it was believed to be blessed by God. The collapse would have symbolized God not favoring the Danes.
How did Hrothegar come to know Beowulf’s father? Do you think Beowulf feels indebted to Hrothgar for his past kindness to the family? Explain. Hrothgar saved Egedo from getting exiled by paying his wergild. Yes because generosity inspires loyalty.
Contrast Beowulf and Unferth. What function does Urferth serve in the poem? Beowulf is a great man while Unferth is a jealous, envious character. Unferth gives Beowulf his sword and thinks people is a good man.
Briefly describe Grendel. What might Grendel symbolize? Grendel was big and a monster. He lived a swamp with his mother. He is a descendent of Cane. He symbolizes evil.
Based on Welthow’s actions in the poem, what role or roles do you think women played in Anglo-Saxon society? Women were peacekeepers.
Grendel’s mother is a major figure but nothing is known about Grendel’s father. In a poem in which ancestery is important, what does Grendel’s ancestery suggest about his character? It suggests that Grendel was not raised well hence why he is evil.
What is the mood a Herot at the beginning of Part II? How does the mood change? Why? At the beginning, the mood is happy. But it changes to bad when Grendel’s mom comes for revenge.
What does Beowulf’s speech just before fighting Grendel’s mom suggest about his relationship to his men? To Higlac? He leaves them and tells them to give his armor back to Higlac if he dies.
What sword does Beowulf take into battle? Who gave him the sword? What does this swords failure in the battle suggest about its owner? He takes Hrunting into battle. The sword belonged to Unferth. Its failure suggests that Unferth is not a good soldier.
What incident leads the Dragon on the path to vengeance? A Geat steals a chalice from his treasure.
How does Beowulf become king of the Geats? Explain how his ascension to the throne reinforces the character traits he displays earlier in the poem. When Hrothgar dies, the queen wants Beowulf to become king. But he refutes it and says it belongs to his cousin. But after his cousin dies in battle (bc he is not as good as Beowulf), Beowulf becomes king. It reinforces his kindheartedness and selflessness.
In what way does Wi

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