How is Grendel described in the section? A monster
What irritates Grendel? The music he hears
What are King Hrothgar, King of the Danes, and his people doing in the mead hall as the story opens? Making music, singing, and drinking
What is the name of Hrothgar’s mead hall? Herot
What does Grendel do? Eats 50 of the men in the mead hall while they were asleep
King Hrothgar’s hall has been deserted for 12 years. Explain why. They that Grendel liked to hunt while they slept, so they stayed away from the mead hall, where Grendel took residence
How is Beowulf described? Who are his people? Higlac’s follower; the Geats
What does Beowulf do when he learns of Hrothgar’s trouble? Gathered 64 men and went to defeat Grendel
What is Beowulf’s reason for coming to help Hrothgar? He was the best man for it
What is Beowulf’s attitude towards death? It was his fate
King Hrothgar accepts Beowulf’s offer to help because he (Hrothgar) once help Beowulf father, Edgetho, with some trouble Edgetho had with the Wulfling tribe. How did Hrothgar help Edgetho and the Geats back then? He gave the Wulflings gifts so they’d stay away from Edgetho and the Geats.
How does Beowulf trap and kill Grendel? He grabbed brim, gripped him tight, and ripped his arm off.
Make an inference; why does Beowulf hang Grendel’s arm from the rafters of Herot? He hangs it as a trophy to show that he won the battle
Identify a kenning for Beowulf and a kenning for Grendel. Beowulf- “Higlac’s follower”Grendel- “shepherd of evil”; guardian of crime”; “infamous killer”
What does Grendel do at the end of the section? He runs off to his hole and dies
How does Beowulf’s battle with Grendel make him immortal? It was a story that would be told about him after he died. That was the only hope you had for being a hero.
What is Grendel’s mother’s motivation for coming to Herot? Revenge; they killed her only son
Why doesn’t she fight all of the men in the hall? No female could possess man’s strength; she’s a woman
In what 2 ways does the Latin phrase, “quid pro quo,” factor into her vengeance? Her son was killed, so she’s going to kill one of Beowulf’s friends
Why didn’t Beowulf defend the Danes from her attack? They were sleeping somewhere else
What does Hrothgar ask of Beowulf? What does he promise in return for Beowulf’s success? Go kill Grendel’s mother; gold and treasure
Paraphrase Beowulf’s battle with Grendel’s mother, including the major plot events. She grabbed him with her claws, but that didn’t work because his armor protected him. He grabbed, but that didn’t. She stabbed him, but that didn’t work. He grabbed a magical sword and cuts her head off.
How was Beowulf able to kill Grendel’s mother? Explain. He grabbed a magical sword that only he could lift and cut her head off
How did the Danes, waiting on the shore, respond to Beowulf’s absence? How did the Geats respond? The Danes didn’t think he was coming back and left. The Geats believed the same thing but stayed to watch.
What 2 trophies of victory did Beowulf take from the monster’s lair? The head of Grendel and the hilt that had Grendel’s blood on it
How was Grendel’s head transported? On a spear carried by 4 solders
How many years have passed since Beowulf’s saving of the Danes? 50 years
What position does he hold? King of the Geats (Higlac’s dead)
What happen during Beowulf’s battle with the dragon? After the dragon’s fiery breath melts Beowulf’s shield, Beowulf stabs the dragon, but the sword crack before goes far enough into the dragon to kill it.
What do his followers do? Who remains? They run; Wiglaf
What argument does Wiglaf make at the end of the section? He talked about how Beowulf’s people were really just a bunch of coward and didn’t live up to what Beowulf expected of them.
Note the contradictions; when are the circumstances of Beowulf’s life and death attributed to fate and when to God’s will? God- Beowulf lived as long as God would let him (p. 66 lines 738-739)Fate- He’d lived as long as his fate allowed him (p. 67, lines 747-748)
What are Beowulf’s 2 dying requests? What his motivations? 1.) Find the dragon’s treasure- he wanted to buried with it2.) Build him a tomb- So people will see it and remember him
What does Wiglaf say about the fate of those Geats who hid the during the battle with the dragon? All they was their life, and they wished they were dead.
What kind of king was Beowul? How do we know? Strong, brave, the greatest warrior to ever live; the narrators describes Beowulf as an old man, the Geats mighty war-king, and the great lord of the Geats
What did Wiglaf and the other brave Geats do with the treasure? Do you think Beowulf would have approved? Provide textual support for your inference. He gave it to the people; Beowulf wouldn’t have approved of it because he wanted to buried with it.

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