Name the characteristics of a Epic Hero – Noble birth – Exhibits character traits that reflect important ideas of society at the time- Performs deeds that reflect the values of the era- Actions often determine the fate of the nation or a group of people
Repetition of a sound in words Alliteration
Descriptive phrases or compound word that substitutes for a noun, “Hell-forged hands” Kenning
Large mead hall made of timbers and iron with a curved roof Herot
Arena like cave, underwater in a dark lake. Describe Grendel’s lair
Descended from evil What is the significance of Grendel being descended from Cain?
He is annoyed with their noise and activities Why does Grendel attack Herot
He is very cocky so he strongly believes he will win What are Beowulf’s thoughts as he waits for Grendel’s arrival?
Beowulf wanted to see what Grendel’s weapon was and to strategize how to defeat him and then when Grendel grabs him Beowulf can surprise him and attack Why does Beowulf wait, allowing Grendel to kill one of the Geats, before he attacks Grendel?
They make a lot of noise, crash into things, break things in the mead hall Describe the battle between Beowulf and Grendel.
Beowulf rips Grendel’s arm off How does Beowulf wound Grendel?
Grendel’s arm What does Beowulf hang from the rafters of Herot?
Grendel flees back to his lair where he bleeds to death Describe Grendel’s death
To avenge her son, she takes Grendel’s arm and kills Hrothgar’s closes friend. Why does Grendel’s mother attack Herot? What does she take with her?
Overgrown foliage, fog, very dreary, dark Describe the Lake
They fight in an underwater arena and Beowulf almost dies Describe the battle between Beowulf and Grendel’s mother.
Hits her with a sword forged by giants How does Beowulf defeat her?
He goes back to Grendel’s lair and cuts off his head as another token since his mom took the last one. Everyone thinks that he has died What does Beowulf do before he swims back to land? What do Hrothgar and the other warriors think has happened?
The sword, because without the sword he would be dead To what does Beowulf attribute his victory? Why?
-Grendel’s head-The sword What two things does Beowulf present to Hrothgar?
When King Hygelac dies in batte his widow, Hygd, offers him the thrown. But Beowulf refused. He ascended to the thrown only after Hygelac’s son dies. Describe how Beowulf becomes king of the Geats.
The dragon awakens and comes after them. Determined to get his treasure back. Describe what happened to those who held the dragon’s treasure.
He goes on a fiery rampage and when he cannot find the thief, burning down houses and destroying villages in his wake How does the dragon react when it notices its cup has been stolen?
He remembers how easy it was to defeat Grendel Why does Beowulf want to fight the dragon alone?
His shield begins to melt and he strikes the dragon with his sword/dagger When does Beowulf realize he’s losing the battle with the dragon? What does he do?
They run away. Wiglaf stays because he remembers all of the things Beowulf had done for them What do Beowulf’s followers do when they realize he’s losing? What does Wiglaf do?
Wiglaf stabs it with Beowulfs blade How is the dragon killed?
Beowulf dies from his wounds from the fire How is Beowulf killed?
That they are all cowards for running away and they should be ashamed of themselves for abandoning their king. What does Wiglaf say to the rest of Beowulf’s followers?

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