Beowulf He is the perfect warrior. He is brave, strong, and honorable. He is very strong, is said to have the strength of 30 men.
Hrothgar Is considered a ring- giver. He is the King of Danes in Denmark. He is wise and and a venerable leader.
Grendel He is a hideous figure that in appearance is clearly not human; yet, he displays human emotions and motivations. He is a descendent of Cain, which brands him as a outsider, and condemned to live beyond the human community in an isolated, horrible place. He symbolizes sin and all evil.
Unferth He is one of the Danes, he failed to defeat Grendel, and will not face him. He is jealous of Beowulf and taunts the hero. Yet he is the one character who exhibits any growth. Humbled by Beowulf’s defeat of Grendel, he lends his prized sword to Beowulf when he is about to fight Grendel’s mother. He understands that he will never be a true hero.-he questions Beowulf’s bravery in front of Hrothgar
Wealtheow Hrothgar’s Wife and queen-described as gold-ringed
Grendel’s Mother A swamp fiend like her son. She is enraged by her son’s death, the hag attacks swiftly and flees, killing Hrothgar’s friend and advisor, Aeschere. Beowulf comes after her and he is dragged into her lair. She has a human desire for revenge.
Hyglac Is the King of the Geats. He is fond of Beowulf. When Hyglac dies, Beowulf refuses to take the throne; only when Hyglac’s son dies does Beowulf take on the responsibility of ruling Geatland.
The Dragon The Dragon’s home is where treasures of a long gone tribe was hidden by the last of them. When the air is discovered and an item is stolen from the treasure, the Dragon awakens to bring fiery devastation to Geatland. Beowulf’s battle with the dragon is his last.
Wiglaf A kinsman to Beowulf, Wiglaf is one of the warriors that the hero brings with him to seek out the dragon and the only one who joins Beowulf in his time of need instead of fleeing as did the other. Wiglaf is made Beowulf’s heir by the dying King for his loyalty and courage.
Brecca Beowulf’s youthful companion -Beowulf defeated in a swimming competition
Scop Traveling storyteller
Herot Mead hall
Why does Grendel attack the Danes? Herot is too happy and loud music is playing. Grendel is considered an outsider and very isolated, so the celebrations and Herot anger him.
What is Grendel’s fate? To die
What saves Beowulf from losing the battle with Grendel’s mother? The sword made by giants he find in her lair.
What does Beowulf bring back to the Danes after the second battle? Grendel’s head
How did Hrothgar come to know Beowulf’s father? Hrothgar had helped Ecgtheows out by paying the Wulfings to resolve a feud. Beowulf feels he owes it to Hrothgar for helping his father out.
Who most likely preserved the epic by writing it down? Monks
In which medium was secular old English poetry presented? Oral
“No better king had ever lived, no prince so mild, no man so deserving of praise…” Beowulf
“Build it at the water’s edge, high on this spit of land, so sailors can see it…” Herot
“He was Wexstan’s son and a good soldier…” Wiglaf
“It coiled and uncoiled, its heart urging it into battle…” Dragon
“Hrothgar’s gold- ringed queen…” Weathow
“The mighty water witch…” Grendel’s mother
“That gold-shining hall…” Herot
“Higlac’s followers and strongest of all the Geats…” Beowulf
“A mighty prince mourning the fare of his lost friends…” Hrothgar
“Conceived by a pair of those monsters born of Cain…” Grendel
Give 3 examples of alliteration. 1) the hall of the heart2) his pledge and promise3) showed sea-cliffs shining
Give two examples of a kenning. 1) whale-road2) the lord of the seamen
Who comes to the Danes rescue? Beowulf
What sword does Beowulf take into battle? Who gave it to him? What does the sword’s failure in battle suggest about its owner? Beowulf takes the sword Unferth gave to him called Hrunting. The swords failure in battle suggests that its owner is not as strong and heroic as Beowulf, Beowulf was too strong for the sword.
Why does Hrothgar build Herot? Why doesn’t it collapse when Beowulf engages Grendel in combat? What might its collapse have symbolized? Hrothgar built Herot for the strongest and bravest men. It doesn’t collapse because it is built so well, with metal and gold. A collapse might have symbolized weakness and failure.
About the poem Beowulf. -the author is unknown -unrhymed, four-beat alliterative style-in the 500s the story was being told
What is chain-mail? is the armor that the warriors wore in battle
Who are Anglo-Saxon? -believed in many Gods- a member of any of the west germanic tribes that settled in Britain in the 5th century
When did Grendel carry out his attacks? at night
What did Beowulf rely upon in his fight with Grendel? his hands
What does Beowulf hang in the hall as a symbol of victory? Grendel’s arm
What does Beowulf need to defeat Grendel’s mother that he did not need to defeat her son? his mail-shirt
How does Beowulf spend his years when he returns to his own land? in peace, and King after Higlac dies
The most important people to the Anglo-saxons were the____ Warriors
What one request does Beowulf make of Hrothgar? He asks Hrothgar to allow him and his men alone to drive Grendel from Herot
How long had Grendel’s mother lived in the subterranean lake? Grendel’s mother lived under the lake since Cain killed his brother Abel
Characterize the lake that Grendel and his mother live at -bottomless and composed of hot, boiling blood-Hrothgar’s men find Esher’s head on their way to search for Grendel’s mother
For how long does Beowulf peacefully rule the Geats? 50 years
Who first owned the treasure guarded by the dragon? The last survivor of a noble race
Why does Beowulf announce that he is going to fight the dragon alone? Beowulf feels it is his duty as a King to take on the dragon himself
Why doesn’t Grendel attack Hrothgar? Hrothgar is protected by God himself
What does the slave steal from the dragon? a jeweled cup
Alcoholic drink of fermented honey and water mead
A pile of wood arranged for the incineration of a corpse pyre
Give 3 characteristics of Beowulf that quality it as an epic poem. 1) focus is on a single hero2) deals with combat3) related to history
Give 3 characteristics of Beowulf that qualify him as an epic hero. 1) STRONG, 30 men’s strength 2) BRAVE, fights with his hands, he doesn’t need a sword3) NOBLE, Beowulf helps someone on someone else’s land

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