Hrothgar’s Mead-Hall has been deserted becausea. Grendel’s attacks have terrorized the Danesb. the hall is no longer structurally safec. a fire burned it downd. a feud has risen between his people A
Beowulf is the strongest man in the world at this time. TrueFalse T
Grendel strikes fear into the hearts of the Danes for 30 years. True False F
Grendel’s ancestors were banished to the slime because they____. a. had disturbed Hrothgar’s Hallb. were descendents of Cainc. were monstersd. opposed the Lord’s will B
Where did Anglo-Saxon people punish their criminals? a. they were imprisonedb. they left to rot where they were hungc. drowned at sead. drowned in the bogs D
The only request that Beowulf makes of Hrothgar if he is to die is to send his helmet and mail shirt back to his people. TrueFalse T
Grendel would never know whose love and is one of the reason he is in pain. a. Hrothgarb. His motherc. Godd. Beowulf C
Grendel is awakened by the celebration in Beowulf’s Mead-Hall. TrueFalse F
Hrothgar’s Mead-Hall was well known as a place a greatness. TrueFalse T
Grendel’s claw was forged in hell. TrueFalse T
What finally killed Grendel? a. the misery of losing the battleb. fire in Herotc. injuries inflicted by Beowulfd. the soliders’ swords C
Hrothgar is Beowulf’s dad. TrueFalse F
Why were the wise ones glad that Beowulf was going to fight Grendel? a. the omens were goodb. the enjoyed a good adventure talec. they knew they could help himd. They did not like Beowulf and hoped he would die A
What did Beowulf keep as proof of his win over Grendel?a. Grendel’s armb. a broken rafterc. his memory of the battled. Grendel’s blood A
What prompts Beowulf to help Hrothgar by defeating Grendel?a. Beowulf’s sense of dutyb. nothingc. treasure he will earnd. to repay Edgotho’s debt to Hrothgar A
Why is it that Grendel did not dare to touch the king’s throne? a. it was guarded by the strongest soldiersb. it was protected by Godc. the king was too powerfuld. he thought it was too beautiful B
How does Grendel respond to the realization that Beowulf will challenge his fighting skills?a. fearfullyb. indifferentlyc. joyouslyd. hungrily A
When Grendel attacks the Danes, who do the Danes turn to for help? a. They send word to Beowulf for helpb. Christian Godc. old stone godsd. A fire dragon to fight Grendel C
How does Beowulf and other great men in the story share their reputations with each other?a. by fightingb. their reputation follows them so they don’t have to do anythingc. by singingd. boasting D
Beowulf believes that the outcome of all his efforts is ultimately determined by a. God and fateb. the needs of his peoplec. God aloned. the strength of his will A
Beowulf holds his breath for hours as he travels to the bottom of the lake.TrueFalse T
What emotion did Beowulf use to gather new strength?: a. Griefb. Forgivenessc. Angerd. Joy C
Beowulf reverted back to hand to hand combat to fight Grendel’s mother. TrueFalse T
“Slashing and stabbing with the sharpest of points. the soldiers raised their shields and drew those gleaming swords, swung them..” is an example of ______. a. Caesurab. alliterationc. kenning B
What protected Beowulf from the attack by Grendel’s mother? a. his helmetb. his mail shirtc. his daggerd. his strength B
Beowulf was saved from Grendel’s mother by his own strength. TrueFalse F
The central structure in Anglo-Saxon society and one that drew pride was their battle-hall. TrueFalse T
Who was the soldier killed by Grendel’s mother? a. Wiglafb. Beowulfc. Hrothgar’s closest friendd. Beowulf’s brother C
Who made the sword hanging on Grendel’s mother’s wall? a. Godb. Giantsc. Devild. Wizards B
Why did the Danes leave the lake? a. the Geats were going to stayb. they had to fortify their village against Grendelc. they believed that Beowulf had been killedd. they had to attend supper C
Beowulf was not there when Grendel’s mother arrived because he ____. a. was still fighting Grendelb. was sleeping in a different hallc. had left Denmarkd. had gone to the lake to find Grendel’s mom B
What else attack Beowulf as Grendel’s mother carried him to her lair? a. sea beastsb. sharksc. her other childrend. goblins A
Grendel’s mother:greedy she-wolf, mighty water witch is an example of _____? a. Alliterationb. Caesurac.Kenning d.Rhyme C
What did Grendel’s mother destroy of Beowulf’s?a. his hammerb. his woven mail shirtc. his helmet and Armourd. his sword C

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