Hrothgar Is the name of the King of the Danes.
Hrunting Is the name is beowulfs sword.
Beowulf Is the young prince of the Geats who sail to the Danish Shore.
Scop Were centuries of poet singers who recited the adventures of Beowulf
Herot Is the name of the mead hall where the men would congregate and make merry.
Wiglaf Is the name of the warrior who stayed to fight with Beowulf at the end.
Grendel Is the name of the powerful monster that would invade the mead hall and bring death and destruction.
Mead Is the name of the alcoholic beverage served at the hall.
Grendels mother Kills hrothgars closest friend in an attempt to seek revenge.
Dragon Beowulf dies fighting the?
Edgetho Is the name of beowulfs father.
Sleep far from the hall What do the Danes do to avoid Grendel?
He is held fast in beowulfs grasp Grendel finally shows fear when?
The fierceness and the power of the attack What do the alliteration and kenning in lines 474-478 of this old English poem help convey?
Stands with Beowulf to fight the dragon Beowulf asks Wiglaf to be the next leader because Wiglaf?
A good leader is brave and fearless What is the universal theme in the epic Beowulf?
Grendel lives in a place that is swampy dark lonely and gloomy. All of this reflects his evil nature. How does Grendel’s home reflect his evil nature?
Beowulf is 70 years old Approximately how old is Beowulf when he fights his last battle?
Both the Danes and the Geats are sitting and staring into the monsters lake. As Beowulf fights grendels mother where are his companions and what are they thinking?
Lair A wild animals den
Gorge Eat greedily
Talon A claw
Infamous Having a bad reputation
Loathsome Disgusting
Affliction Force that causes suffering
Purge Get rid of something undesirable
Livid Dis colored from being bruised
Epic A long narrative poem on a serious subject presented in an elevated or formal style
Universal theme Timeless values that apply to any time period
Stock epithets Adjectives that point out special traits of particular persons or things
Kennings Poetic synonyms found in Germanic poems that are used as nouns
Caesura A pause or break in a line of poetry
Diction Writers or speakers choice of words
Alliteration The repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words
Dialogue A conversation between two or more characters in either fiction or nonfiction
Setting Refers to the time and place in which the action occurs
Plot The sequence of actions and events in a literary work
Theme Underlying message that a writer wants the reader to understand

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