Why does Beowulf kill Grendel? to save Hrothgar and the Danes from the monster
Why does Beowuld battle Grendel with his bare hands? to prove his bravery
Who is Wiglaf and what is his speech about? he is the son of Weonstans, shylfing warrior related to Aelfhere and he speaks about loyalty and how he will remain loyal.
How does Beowulf die? He dies during the battle with the Dragon
What last thoughts does Beouwulf express as he is dying affection and longing for his family
What is the most important event in Beowulf’s career as leader of the Geats? attack and defeat of the dragon
In Beowuld’s fight to the death with Grendel’s mother, what peice of his own equipmenr saves his life? his chain mesh that covers his should. it bends the tip of the sword that Grendel’s mother tries to stab him with
What does Beowulf tell Wiglaf that he wants his burned-out funeral pyre to be? a reminder to his people of his greatness
How is the raid on Hrothgar’s hall shown differently in John Gardner’s Grendel than it Beowulf? The raid is shown through a monsters point of view where as in Beowulf, its Beowulf’s point of view
What aspect of Anglo-Saxon life discussed in “Life in 999: A Grim Struggle” is also in full view in Beowulf? The lord’s castle was viewed as a refugee from dangers.
What is alliteration? Give examples of alliteration from the poem. Alliteration is repition of constant vowel sounds. – “Showed sea-cliffs shining”
What is the archetypal epic hero? put others needs before his own, his actions have a lasting affect on people, his strength, bravery, courage and intelligence
How is Beowulf an epic hero? long journey to defeat the enemies which shows his heroic side
What is a kenning? Give examples of a kenning from the poem. Kenning is a phrase used instead of using a direct title such as war gear stands for armour
resolute determined
vehemently violently
Infallible unable to fail or be wrong
furled rolled up
lavish extravagant
assail attack
extolled praised

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