Epic Long narrative poem that celebrates a hero’s deeds
Kennings Poetic synonyms found in Germanic poems
Characteristic of being a hero Being of noble birth or high position
Characteristic of being a hero Exhibiting character traits that reflect important ideals of society
Characteristic of being a hero Preforming courageous deeds that reflect the values of the era
Characteristic of being a hero Preforming actions that often determine the fate of a nation
Alteration Repetition of constant sounds
Why does Beowulf journey across the sea to the land of Danes? He heard how Grendel filled night with terror and would sail the sea now because help was needed
How does Beowulf trap and kill Grendel? Gathers warriors and kills with hands
What drives Grendel to attack so many men at Herot, the mead hall? Denied gods love
Why does Beowulf hang Grendel’s arm from the rafters of Herot? Serves as a trophy
Why does Hroathgar ask to battle Grendel’s mother? She killed his best friend so he wanted her dead
What does Beowulf do after he mills Grendel’s mother? Cuts Grendel’s head off and takes the sword
Does the behavior of Grendel’s mother seem as wicked or unreasonable as Grendel’s behavior? No she wanted to avenge her sons death
How does Beowulfs sword fail him? The sword broke when it bit into the dragons skin then cracked
How do the greats honor Beowulf after he dies? They build the tower as his monument and sealed his ashes in the walls
What language did they speak? Old english
What setting of Beowulf? Denmark, Scandinavia

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