Reparation something making up for a wrong or an injury
solace comfort/ relief
purge purify, cleanse
Linden very sturdy type of wood
writhing making twisting or turning motions
massive big and solid, bulky
loathsome disguising
What does the story of Grendel’s origins suggest about the beliefs of Anglo-Saxon culture ? Anglo-Saxons were primarily christian but had some pagan beliefs
What does Grendel resent about Hrothgar and his men? The pleasure that Hrothgar and his men experience compared with his own dark, painful existence makes him resent Hrothgar and his men.
Why do the Danes flee Herot at night? The Danes flee Herot at night because every night Grendel hunts while they sleep.
What does Beowulf’s way of identifying himself suggest about the values of a warrior’s culture? They value military bravery, leadership, having a respected father, and wisdom.
Why does Beowulf sail to Denmark? Beowulf sails to Denmark to help Hrothgar defend his people against the monster Grendel.
How does Beowulf’s great deeds and his announcement of his plan establish him as a hero? Beowulf’s relates larger than life accomplishments expected from a legendary hero.
What does Beowulf ask of Hrothgar? That he alone and with the help of his men may purge all evil from the hall.
What values and beliefs of warrior culture does Beowulf’s attitude towards death express? Beowulf says that fate will decide whether he lives or dies. This reflects the belief of a warrior culture that dying in battle was a worthy ending to life.
How do “renamings” of Grendel in line 325 emphasize the weighty significance of the battle that is about to begin? “Shepard of evil” and “guardian of crime” display that the battle is not just between man and monster but between forces of good and evil. Grendel is not just evil himself but is a source and caretaker of evil.
What advantage does Beowulf have in his fight with Grendel? Beowulf has super strength. Grendel is moved to fear at the hardness of Beowulf’s hands.
How does Beowulf’s battle with Grendel end? When he snaps off Grendel’s arm and the monster flees to his den to die.
Why does Beowulf’s toss aside his sword in the fight? Because no sword can slice the skin of Grendel’s mother.
What does Beowulf do after slaying Gredel’s mother? beheads Grendel and takes Grendel’s head and the hilt of the giant sword and swims to land.
How does Beowulf plan to fight the dragon? With armor, shield, and sword.
According to Wiglaf, What is Beowulfs relationship with his followers like? Beowulf and his followers are bound together by his generous gifts and their oaths. The followers swear to give their lives for Beowulf while Beowulf relies on his followers to aid him in battle.
What is Beowulf’s last request? For Wiglaf to lead the geats and for a tower to be erected in his memory.
Identify an example from the epic which the memory of Beowulf’s deeds inspire someone? When Wiglaf thinks of Bewulf’s great deeds he is inspired to battle the dragon.
How do Beowulf’s companions react when the dragon breathes flame on him? All of the followers, except one (Wiglaf) , fled.

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