epic long narrative poem that recounts the adventures of a legendary hero in pursuit of a goal of national importance, also reveals cultural and religious values of people who created and retold them
epic hero the central character in an epic
quest long, dangerous journey undertaken by the hero of the epic
valorous deeds actions that demonstrate courage, accounts for most of the action in the narrative
divine intervention help from the gods
great events important events from history or mythology of a nation that provide the themes and backdrop for the epic narrative
folk epics stories about heroes that were recited or sung as entertainment then passed down from one generation to the next. examples are beoowulf, gilgamesh
literary epics are written by individual authors, drawing on the style and conventions of of the folk epic. examples are illiad and odyessy
invocation of a muse spirit to inspire an artist
medias res reader joins in the thick of the action
serious in tone most epics are this, and also very lofty in style
legendary hero larger than life character
16th century scandanavia takes place when and where?
Beowulf sets sail to aid Danish King Hrothgar vs. Grendel
Anglo-Saxon England language of old English was used here
scops traveling minstrels
11th century when Beowulf was actually written down
bravery, loyalty, heroism traits needed to fight evil
pagan to christian when beowulf was written england was changing from this to this, and beowulf reflects both of these ways
Herot banquet hall
Grendel came into Herot when all were drunk and asleep and snatched up 30 men, took them back to his lair and killed them, the only people that were safe were those who fled from him
12 years the amount of time that grendel’s massacre continued
thought it was connected to God reason why Grendel never touched Hrothgar’s throne,
Hrothgar Hedlfane’s son
Hilgac king of geats, Beowulf’s lord and uncle
Beowulf and 14 others these people set for the Danish shore- gave thanks to god for letting them cross
Hilgac cousin of Hrothgar
Edgetho father of Beowulf
lord and protector Beowulf became known as this, requested to be this
feud involves 2 people and only one only stays to fight if they know that they will win
names for Grendel shadow of death and man-kind’s enemy
Hrothgar’s lieutenant asks who Beowulf and his men are, and then allows them to enter, seeing that they do not just speak but act as well
to establish himself beowulf states his ancestry
bare- handed how beowulf choose’s to fight most of the time
in the sea where Grendel and his mother live
Hrunting name of the sword that is able to kill the mother
Grendel’s skull what Beowulf takes when he leave’s Grendel’s lair
helmet Beuwolf’s item that he had worn in every battle but was penetrated in the battle with the mother
light what suddenly came up when Beowulf kills the mother
she-wolf another name for Grendel’s mother
Beowulf Protector of all Seamen
helmet and mail shirt items carried by the Geats for beowulf
Geatland Beowulf ruled this place for 50 years
crack’s his claws the first thing that Beowulf does to Grendel
Herot trembling an example of epic grandness
grendel’s arm what hangs from the bannister
unferth danish warrior who questions Beowulf’s strengths
riches beowulf is considered honorable because he id out for the fame not the
with weapons how will beowulf fight with the dragon
battle cry what awakens the dragon
shield what melts under the dragon’s hot flame
sword breaks what happens to beowulf’s sword
beowulf wounded warrior
wiglaf one who says that he will help Beowulf because Beowulf has helped them before, and because he knows kinship
wextan’s son wiglaf
wiglaf and beowuldf who kills the dragon
treasures what does wiglaf take of the dragon’s
tower what is built at beowulf’s request, and all the material things are burried here

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