BCOM 3360 Ch. 1&2

Which term refers to a reputation for adhering to high moral and ethical values? Character
Which of the following is true of credibility? It is an important basis for effective communication.
Which term refers to the knowledge and skills needed to accomplish business tasks, approach business problems, and get a job done? Competence
Marti is a graphic designer. He took a series of courses on basic coding. He used what he learned to solve a big problem for his team. In doing so he demonstrated. Competence
One of the traits associated with competence is “a focus on action”. This specifically implies Seizing business opportunities when they present themselves.
Being a “giver” is a trait associated with Caring
In the business world, caring can be demonstrated by Considering the needs of colleagues and subordinates.
Which of the following actions demonstrates caring? Angelo invites a member of his team to attend a skill building workshop.
Jerry, the CEO of Turbo, Inc. is a successful business leader with a reputation for caring. Which of the following statements would provide this? He strives to understand the interests and aspirations of his employees.
A business leader can cultivate a sense of community by Having a communication style that is we-oriented, not me-oriented.
Which of the following statements accurately describes the role played by character in the establishment of credibility? Character is especially important in long term collaborative relationships.
The rules of conduct or moral principles that guide individual or group behavior are known as Ethics
What is the definition of business ethics? Commonly held principles in the business community for acceptable behavior.
The dominant business ethic in corporate communications is Transparency
Which action demonstrates that Elandria acts with transparency? She shares all relevant information with stakeholders.
A majority of employees surveyed believe that a top manager who violated ethics policies at their company would be Punished and held accountable.
Which of the following factors reduces the incidence of unethical behavior? A transparent atmosphere
Corporate values are The stated and lived values of a company.
When personal values and corporate values are aligned, employees have more Integrity
Personal values are The values that individuals prioritize and adhere to.
Which of the following is a reason for increased transparency in business Public scandals have made people distrustful of corporations.
The FAIR (Facts, Access, Impacts, Respect) test is intended to evaluate The credibility of your business communication.
In high trust relationships People are less likely to miscommunicate
Challenging rationalizations is a way to Empower yourself to speak up about ethics violations.
Gala wants to improve her employees engagement. To do so, she should try to increase their Emotional connection to their work
In the interpersonal communication process, the messages exchanged are Simultaneous and mutual
Jana decides to convey her consent by saying “yes” and nodding. What process has Jana demonstrated? Encoding
Frank is having difficulty hearing the point his coworker is making because of loud hammering outside the window. What type of noise is Frank experiencing? Physical
Matt and LaRita grew up in communities that view authority in very different ways, so they have difficulty understanding each other at times. The problem is being caused primarily because of A filter of lifetime experiences.
David was already feeling stressed about a deadline he was having trouble meeting. When he went to make photocopies of an important graph, he saw a sign on the copier saying it was out of order. An immediate jolt of rage ran through davids system, and he kicked the machine and broke his toe. What did David experience? Emotional Hijacking
Why does emotional hijacking occur? People are hard wired to feel emotions about a situation before they reason it out.
Asking oneself how certain emotions alter or distort ones thinking helps improve Self awareness
What term is used for events that cause strong, often negative, emotional responses? Triggers
Which of the following is most likely to be true about people who exhibit high self management? They discuss frustrations in the context of solving problems and improving relationships
People who speak out constructively about differences of opinion are most likely to have High relationship management skills
__________ involves favorable explanations for why others have behaved in a certain way Mitigating information
In tense and emotionally charged situations, it is important to Hold judgment
Which of the following is a sign of a person paying attention? A nod to indicate acknowledgment
Which of the following people displays a learner mind set? During a department meeting, Sasha reminds people that disagreements are normal
Which of the following is a funnel question? Now that we know we want to reduce the company budget, what subcategories should we consider?
What are probing questions? Probing questions are intended to analyze a business problem from every angle in order to uncover its root causes.
Which of the following is a solution-oriented question? How can we change our process to ensure we meet the new deadline?
What is sight reading? Intelligent observation of nonverbal communication
When you are trying to read another persons nonverbal clues, which of the following should you focus on the most? The eyes
Which of the following employees is most likely to have a blue motivational value system? Darwin focuses on encouraging the growth of coworkers.
Which of the following employees is most likely to be a hub? Khadija urges her team to be flexible and to consider all available options.
Which of the following is a strength of introverts? Asking thoughtful, important questions
Which of the following employees is most likely to be an extrovert? Len meets everyone in the department by his third day on the job.
_________ is a show of respect for the dignity and importance of others. Civility
Which of the following employees is acting with incivility? Scott usually greets females colleagues by saying, “Hello there, girls”

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