Ashlee’s English Vocab-Romeo and Juliet

Move me to stand Fight like a madman
Show myself a tyrant Brutal, vicious
Aye Yes
Heartless Hinds Cowards
Airy word An insult
Portentous Important
Importune Inquire/ask
Thy You
Bite your thumb Insulting obscene gesture
Kinsmen Relatives
Civil Brawls Riots
Augmenting Adding to
Ere Before
Shrift Confession
Analogy Comparing the details of 2 items that are very different
Chorus Narrators of a story
Foil Characters who have the opposite personalities and share the stage at the same time
Hubris Manly-man pride-Usually the cause of a downfall
Dramatic Irony When the audience knows something that the characters don’t
Motif Reoccurring ideas or images
Tragic Hero A character who descends from a noble status to one of disgrace due to a tragic flaw.
Tragic Flaw A flaw in a character’s personality that he or she is unaware of and usually leads to a character’s downfall

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