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Act 1 scene 1-3
scene 1 Sibling rivalry:orlando leaves home to escape his brother Oliver, who plots his deathDuke senior has been banished by younger brother to the woods.
scene 2 Rosalind and celia try to persuade Orlando nit to wrestle, but he end up winning the match and Rosalind’s heart
scene 3 Rosalind takes Celia into her confidence but duke Frederick banishes them, they plan to disguise themselves and escape into woods
Act 2 scene 1-7
scene 1 Duke senior rejoices in exile
scene 2 duke Frederick organizes search for his daughter
scene 3 orlando must escape from his brother and adam helps him
scene 4 Rosalind and celia buy cottage from Silivius
scene 5 Amiens sings while preparing banquet for duke senior
scene 6 Orlando comforts exhausted adam
scene 7 Orlando crashes duke’s banquet but is welcomed with courtesy and kindness
Act 3 scene 1-6
scene 1 Duke Frederick orders oliver to search for orlando, and confiscate his possessions
scene 2 orlando hangs poem on trees
scene 3 Town versus Country:Corine and touchstone debateRosalind and celia read Orlando’s versesGanymede offeres to cure orlando from love
scene 4 Touchstone wants to get married to audrey in forest, but Jaques insists on a proper wedding
scene 5 celai teases Rosalind about her love for orlandoCorine tells them of phoebes behavior toward Silvius
scene 6 Phoebe mocks Silvius and his lovePhoebe falls for Ganymede
Act 4 scene 1-3
scene 1 Ganymede flirts with orlando
scene 2 in a interlude occupying the two hors of Orlando’s attendance on the duke at dinner, celebrating their hunting success
scene 3 Rosalind is amused when she finds that phoebe has fallen for Ganymedebut she faints when se learns of Orlando’s injuries.
Act 5 scene 1-4
scene 1 Touchstone defeats William in a dispute over audrey’s love
scene 2 oliver falls for Aliena, and orlando agree they should marrythe lovers meet and Ganymede promises that all their wishes will be satisfied the next day
scene 3 a little song to ark the passage of time
scene 4 the lovers assemble and all is revealed the weddings are celebrated by hymenduke Frederick retires duke senior returns to court
EPILOGUE boys actor farewell to audience

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