APEX: English 9 (Semester 2 – 1.3.5 ANSWERS): MacBeth by William Shakespeare Part 3

Why does Malcolm lie about himself to Macduff?ORWhy does Malcolm try to make Macduff believe that he is an evil man? To test Macduff’s trustworthiness and loyalty to himORTo ensure that Macduff is trustworthy and loyal to him
What does the second apparition tell Macbeth?ORWhy does Macduff able to kill MacBeth? No one born from a woman will be able to harm him.ORBecause Macduff was born by cesarean section
Why is the manner of Macduff’s birth important? He was born by cesarean section and fulfills the witches’ prophecy that only a man not born of a woman could kill Macbeth.
What can you infer about Macbeth’s mental state from his reaction to his wife’s death? That he is so exhausted from the bloodshed caused by his actions that he is almost immune to the pain of death
What is the significance of Malcolm’s army carrying branches from Birnam wood to the castle?ORHow does Malcolm’s army make the witches’ prophecy come true? The witches predicted Macbeth’s army would be defeated only if Birnam wood comes to his castle.ORThe army breaks off branches from the trees in Birnam wood and carries the branches with them as they march on Macbeth’s castle.
What does the third apparition tell MacBeth? He will not be defeated until the Birnam wood marches to his castle.

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