AP passage study guide act IV romeo and juliet

the nurses tone in lines 1-12 could best be described as imperious
the simile in lines 30-31 (“death lies on her like an untimely frost/upon the sweetest flower of the field”) could best characterized as poignant
the elaborate depiction of death as capulet’s son-in-law is an example of a(n) conceit
in the responses of the nurse, capulet, lady capulet, and paris to juliet’s death, all of the following devices are especially striking except litotes
friar lawrence admonishes the mourners because they should be happy that juliet is in heaven
friar lawrence draws a distinction between emotion and reason
capulet’s words in lines 90-96 (“all things that we ordained…change to the contrary.”) are primarily characterized by anaphora
line 92 is (“and all things change them to the contrary”) imperative

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