AP English, Hamlet Test Review

setting, exposition, and initial mood of the play Old Hamlet is dead,battle won against the Norway but young Fortinbras wants revenge upon Demark, Bernado, Horatio, and marcellus discussed about the ghost at the outside of the Royal Castle at Elsinor, a Danish Seaport during the dark night. This creates an eerie mood.
Initial characterization of Horatio strong concern for others, while having this strong fear, wanted to protect Hamlet, logical and reasonable, skeptic of the irrational figure, like ghost
Initial Characterization of Hamlet ( dialogue of Claudius) Claudius is faking his niceness toward HamletHamlet doesn’t feel love toward him especially seeing his marriage toward his mom right after his dad dies
Initial characterization of Hamlet ( his first soliloquy) Hamlet feels grief toward the reaction received by both the king and queenhamlet feels disgusted and anger toward them
Initial characterization of Hamlet ( with Horatio) Hamlet trusts Horatio strongly, the relationship is firm
Polonius’s family Both Polonius and Laertes warn Ophelia of loving HamletLaertes’s warning is out from his love toward his sister, Hamlet is a prince, and prince cannot marry commoner like his sisterPolonius’s warning is more of a rebuke, stating that Hamlet’s love for her is just a lust, cut off the relationship
Hamlet’s confrontation with ghost….what can we know about his characteristic? He is fearless. He is willing to take risks for having conversation with ghost
Analysis of Hamlet’s soliloquy right after he encountered the ghost he is confused, but he is willing to perform a vengeance against Claudius
Conflicts in Act I Man vs Man: hamlet vs. Claudius, tension built into more tensionhamlet vs. society: upset that duty holds far more important than friendshiphamlet’s relationship with ophelia. claudius, and gertrue
difference of the chronology between Act I and Act II Act I: act moves from moment to momentAct II:act took long time (laretes is already in France)
Act II: Polonius further characterization he believes that man is all badhe therefore planned out spying for his son, Laertes in FranceHe also thinks that he knows the cause of the Hamlet’s madness: Ophelia’s rejection toward Hamlet.So he is planning on to spy on her daughter and HamletHe is a puppet master of his children
Act II: Hamlet’s further characterization through Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Hamlet welcomes them, but he wants their honest opinion of why they have come for visit. Hamlet guesses that it is king’s order, and his friends confirm hamlet’s predictions
Act II: Hamlet’s reaction toward players Hamlet wants vengeance against ClaudiusWants to make Claudius feels so guilty by reenacting his action through the play (need evidence that Claudius has actually murder his father)
Significance of Hamlet’s Soliloquy before he meets Ophelia Emphasis on death: comparing with sleepit would be good to end his life, but people are so afraid of what is there beyond deathfear of death makes people weak
Significance of the Get thee to nunnery wants ophelia to be innocent and not be polluted by this world
significance of Ophelia’s soliloquy she is sad that she has just lost the love of great and well known prince
Hamlet’s suggestions toward players be more intentional to each words and phrases in the play
Hamlet’s regards to Horatio during the play scene Hamlet overly flatters Horatiogives reason why hamlet is overly flattering Horatio: basically, hamlet admires that horatio is full of wise judgment and advises
how does the line written by hamlet characterize hamlet? emotion of hamlet was to kill claudius but his mind hinders from actually killing claudius
Comparison between Claudius’s soliloquy and Hamlet’s soliloauy in Act III Both Claudius and Hamlet have a similar view that there is a divine being who will judge them at the end of their life.Claudius’s soliloquy is mainly about his sin and inability for repentence
dramatic irony in Act III Scene III Hamlet can’t kill Claudius because he sees Claudius praying (while Claudius is not actually repenting of his sins)
the purpose of the scene between Hamlet and Gertrude Hamlet’s impulsiveness-kill a person who was behind the tapestry because he thought that was Claudius (it was polonius)Hamlet’s personality goes from very analytical to very emotional
Why can’t Gertrude see the Ghost? Ghost is only for letting Hamlet know of his own purpose and mission for revenge against Claudius
why is it Polonius’s death a boon? hamlet is free, more future action trigger
Hamlet’s requests to Gertrude don’t sleep with Claudius, tell Claudius that hamlet is NOT crazy

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