AP English Final Exam- Hamlet questions

Where and when does the play begin? Nighttime outside the castle
In the first scene, Horatio is best portrayed as ___________, ____________, and ___________. Scholarly, skeptical, and sensible
Which character says, “something is rotten in the state of Denmark?” Marcellus
Who is Voltimand? Ambassador to the king of Norway from the king of Denmark
In act one, scene two hamlet comments on the length of time that has elapsed since his Father’s Death. How long ago does he say it was? Less than two months
Of whom does hamlet say, “frailty, thy name is woman”? Gertrude
Which of the following is not said by the ghost of King Hamlet to Hamlet during their conversation in act one? Horatio is hamlets most trusted friend
Which of the following reasons do Polonius and Laertes warn Ophelia about in act one? •hamlets love was that of a young man and not lasting• Hamlet must follow the orders of his family about marriage• if she yields him, her reputation will be open to slander
What does Polonius want Reynaldo to do in Paris? Spread false rumors about Laertes so that he (Reynaldo) can determine what Laertes is actually doing there
Which statement about Rosencrantz and Guildenstern is true? Claudius and Gertrude have summoned them to court so that they may spy on Hamlet and discover the cause of his madness
Polonius believes that hamlet __________? Is love struck
Who says of himself, “but I am pigeon livered, and lack gall/ To make oppression bitter, or ere this/ I should have fattened all the region kites/ with this slave’s offal”? Hamlet, speaking of his failure to move against Claudius
How does Ophelia come to believe hamlet is mad? He enters her room as she is sewing; his clothes are disheveled, and his luck is piteous
What is the nature of the players’ speeches in Act 2? They tell of Priam’s queen, who, when Priam is struck down by Pyrrhus, cries out in agony at her loss
Why does hamlet decide it is better “to be”? What’s after death maybe worse than living
What is the meaning of hamlets words “the play’s the thing/wherein I’ll catch the conscious of the king”? He wants to find out whether Claudius killed King Hamlet
Which of the following is not an example of double entendre? “Denmark’s a prison.”
In act three, to whom does hamlet say, “give me that man/that is not passion’s slave, and I will wear him/in my heart’s core”? Horatio; he is about to ask Horatio to observe Claudius’s behavior
Who says, “and second husband let me be accursed, /non-wet this second, but who killed the first”? Player queen
While Claudius is praying, hamlet doesn’t kill him because _________________ He wants him to go to hell
Who is killed in act three? Polonious
To which characters does hamlet reveal that he is but “mad in craft” and not truly mad? Hint: not all of them understand his message or pay attention to it. Gertrude, Horatio, Rosencrantz, and Guildenstern
In act three, scene two, what does hamlet say is the name of the play-within-the play? The mousetrap
When the ghost of King Hamlet appears during the “closet scene” he ____________ Tells hamlet to speak to his mother because her reaction shows she had no part in his death
Which of the following does not happen to Laertes in act four? He confronts Hamlet and fights with him
Hamlet never reaches England because ______________. •he rewrites the King’s letters•he is taken hostage by pirates
Who is Osric? A self-serving courtier with Elaborate speech who delivers the terms of the contest with swords to hamlet
What happens at the very beginning of act five? The gravediggers (clowns) discuss the appropriateness of burying a suicide in consecrated ground
According to the grave digger, about how Old was hamlet? 30
After learning of Ophelia’s death, Hamlet says he would do this to prove his love for her Join her in her grave
How does Gertrude meet her death? She drinks from the poisoned cup of wine meant for hamlet

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