Antigone Test

A tragic hero is usually born of a noble truth (T/F) True
Wife of Creon Eurydice
Son of Creon Haemon
King of Thebes Creon
Blind prophet Teiresias
Which daughter of Oedipus chooses to support her family? Antigone
Which daughter of Oedipus chooses to support her country/the state? Ismene
Most important element to Greek theater Masks
When did Greek Theater start? 6th Century
Drama that tells the story of the fall of a person of high status tragedy
Writer of Antigone Sophocles
Who did Oedipus leave the kingdom of Thebes to BEFORE he died? His brother-in-law
Who attacked the city of Thebes? Polynices
Who tells Creon that Polynices has been buried? the Sentry
What is Atigone’s father famous for? Killing his father and marrying his mother
Why did Creon forbid the burying of Polynices? His army invaded Thebes
What character traits do Antigone and Creon have in common? Stubborn and strong-willed
What reason does Haemon use to try to get Creon to change his mind about Antigone? The entire city of Thebes believes Creon is wrong
Who does Creon initially think buried Polynices? Anarchists – rebes who buried him for money
Who does the chorus represent? The elders of Thebes
Why does Creon order Antigone to be locked in a cave He could feel less responsible for her death
Which son of Oedipus was honorably buried? Eteocles
What is Creon’s punishment for killing Antigone? His son and wife kill themselves
who are Haemon’s parents? Creon and Eurydice
where does Haemon say that Creon would be an excellent king? on a deserted Island
What happens to Creon at the end of the play? He is alive
What happens to Antigone at the end of the play? Dead by suicide
What happens to Eurydice at the end of the play? She stabs herself with a sword
What happens to Haemon at the end of the play? He falls on his sword and dies
Edward Scissorhands is a tragic hero (T/F) True

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