Antigone Study Guide: Scene 4 Ode 4

Whose fate does Antigone compare to her own? Niobe.
What does Antigone beg the people of Thebes to bear witness on? The fact that she has been “unjustly judged” (Scene 4 30).
Who does Antigone blame for her terrible misfortune? The curse of her family.
According to the chorus, what is considered a virtue? Reverence .
What does Creon sarcastically say would have a man singing forever? Dirges and planned lamentations.
According to Ode 4, who was locked away in a brazen vault? Danae.
Who came to the princess while she was locked away? Zeus.
Who “bore the gods’ prisoning anger for his pride”? Dryas’ son.
What is the “half remembered tale of horror” that old men tell? The myth of King Phineus.
Who, as a child, had “raced with young colts on the glittering hills/And walked untrammeled in open light”? Ares.
wretched In a deplorable state of distress or misfortune; miserable
blasphemy A profane act, utterance, or writing concerning God
lamentation A cry of sorrow and grief
dirges Funeral hyms
tormented Caused gray physical pain or mental anguish
transgress To commit an offense by violating a law or command; sin
brazen Made of brass
prevail To be greater in strength or influence; triumph
implacable Impossible to placate or appease
gales Very strong winds

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