Antigone Study Guide: Scene 2 Ode 2

Who has the sentry captured and brought before King Creon? Antigone.
How did the guards manage to capture Antigone? They removed the dust, so Antigone went back to rebury Polyneices.
How did Antigone react to being captured by the sentries? She went willingly.
What reason does Antigone give for defying Creon’s decree? The gods’ laws mean more to her than Creon’s laws.
Who else does Creon have arrested in connection with the crime of burying Polyneices? Ismene
Why is Antigone angry with Ismene? She did not help, but she is trying to take credit for helping Antigone.
Besides being Antigone’s uncle, how else were Creon and Antigone related? He is the father of the man she is to marry.
What is to be Antigone’s punishment for burying her brother? She will be locked up and then starved to death.
According to Ode 2, who is the fortunate man? He is”the man who has never tasted God’s vengeance” (Ode 2 1).
Who is the god who must not be made angry, according to Ode 2? Zeus.
endured Bore with tolerance
proclamation An official formal public announcement
defy To refuse to submit to or cooperate with
edict A formal command
insolence Rudeness or disrespect
compulsive Having the capacity to exert a strong, irresistible force on.
transcends To pass beyond the limits of something
drowse To be half-asleep
embers A small, glowing piece of coal or wood, as in a dying fire.
vengeance Infliction of punishment in return of a wrong committed.

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