Antigone Study Guide: Scene 1 & Ode 1

Who is the new King of Thebes? Creon.
How did the new King of Thebes claim heir to the throne? Polyneices and Eteocles both died.
What crime has Polyneices committed in the opinion of the King? He is a traitor. He brought back an army to fight his own city .(Thebes).
What new does the sentry bring to Creon? Someone has buried the body of Polyneices.
How was it decided which of the sentries would bring the news about Polyneices to Creon? They shot dice to see who had to go.
How does Creon believe the act of burying Polyneices was carried out? Creon thinks someone buried the body to usurp his power, and he thinks the person was bribed.
What does Creon demand that the sentry do? Find the cuprit
According to Ode 1, what is the most wonderful of all the world’s wonders? man.
Of all the winds, man has made himself secure against all except one. Which wind is that? He cannot withstand “the late wind of death” (Ode 1 18).
List man’s accomplishments according to Ode 1. Man has the ability to lord over all the animals, he withstand harshness, and he has “clear intelligence” (Ode 1 19).
auspicious Attended by favorable circumstances
contempt The feeling or attitude or regarding someone or something as inferior
sentries Soldiers posted to prevent the passage of unauthorized persons
comprehensive Marked by or showing extensive understanding
anarchists Those who reject of all forms of coercive control and authority
demoralizing to undermine to confidence or moral of; dishearten
prow The forward part of a ship’s hull
lithe Marked by effortless grace
sultry Very humid and hot
deflects Turns aside or cause to turn aside

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