Antigone Study Guide Scene 1

Who has Creon assembled at the beginning of the scene? Why does he say he has passed the new law? Creon has assembled the elders of Thebes to state that Thebes is now safe and pledging that it will remain so while he is King. He formally announces to bury Eteocles with honor but not Polynices because Polynices attacked Thebes and his own brother.
How does the sentry act when he comes before Creon? What does this suggest about Creon’s personality or reputation? He appears nervous and almost avoids what he was going to say, revealing that Creon is a merciless King. Creon is furious upon hearing the news and accuses the sentry of being bribed.
What news does the sentry bring? Who does Creon think is responsible? The sentry brings the news that someone has already buried Polynices honorably. Creon thinks the sentry has been bribed into doing this and wishes to have the responsible people brought to him immediately.
What is the dramatic irony in this scene? The dramatic irony is that the audience knows that Antigone has buried Polynices but King Creon does not.

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