Antigone Study Guide

Antigone Who is the main character?
Antigone buries her brother Polyneices against (her uncle) King Creon’s decree, and receives punishment, causing an uproar in the family. What is the conflict?
Jocasta’s Creon is whose brother?
Ismene Who is the oldest daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta and refuses to help her sister yet willing to die for something she did not do?
Chorus What is made up of fifteen elders of Thebes?
Choragos Who is the leader of the chorus?
Antigone Which child of Oedipus and Jocasta buries her brother Polyneices?
Eteocles/Polyneices Which two brothers killed each other?
Creon Who takes up the throne after Oedipus’ sons kill each other in battle?
Messenger Who is the man(character) who tells the characters and us that Haimon committed suicide?
Authority “Conscience vs. ________” is one of the main themes all the characters struggle with. (Fill-in)
Eurydice Who is Creon’s wife and Haimon’s mother?
Teiresias Who is the blind prophet/soothsayer who helps Creon become king, tells Oedipus he is the one who killed the king of Thebes (his father), and warns Creon about the consequences that will come if he does not bury Polyneices and free Antigone?
Sentry Which ‘unlucky’ man had to tell Creon that someone buried Polyneices secretly when they had not been looking?
Haimon Who was engaged to marry Antigone and tried to persuade his father to listen to “reason”?
Jocasta Who is Oedipus’ wife and mother?
Eteocles; Polyneices Creon makes a decree telling Thebes that ______ would receive an honorable burial while ______’s body would sit and rot outside the city walls.
vault; stone Antigone is put into a _____ of _____ with food and water, though she will suffocate as punishment.
suicide Antigone commits ________ by hanging her veil around her neck on a ledge.
seer The irony of Teiresias being blind is that he is a “_____,” or prophet.
Antigone: headstrong/rebelliousIsmene: cautious/weak-minded What is the difference between Antigone and Ismene?
laws; brother Antigone believes in obeying the gods’ ___, honoring her _____ and family, and standing up for herself.
Antigone commits suicide soon after she is put in a cave to die. Haemon, distressed over her death, also commits suicide in front of his father. Eurycide, Creon’s wife, also commits suicide after she hears about the death of her son and dies bringing down curses her husband. Creon goes into exile after learning he has lost everything he has loved. Ismene’s fate is not directly stated but it can be assumed that she continued living after her sister’s death, the only surviving child of Oedipus. Teiresias also continues to live. The chorus and choral leader, who have been observers of the play, are assumed to have survived to comment another day. Who is dead at the end of the play?

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