Antigone Scenes 4 & 5

awe a mixed feeling of fear and wonder
blasphemy any remark or action that shows disrespect towards sacred things
virtue moral excellence or goodness
dirges funeral hymns
transgress to overstep or break, especiallya law or commandment
entrails intestines
welter a confusion; turmoil
glut to fill to excess
recoils to draw back
omen an event that is a prophetic sign (predicting the future)
gorged to fill to capacity
defile to pollute
barrow prehistoric, burial mound
How has Antigone changed from the play? She is now lonely, sensitive to criticism, she now realizes that she will die
What does Antigone blame for her misfortune? the curse on her family
Whom does the Chorus blame? Antigone
What does Creon mean when he says “our hands our clean”? Antigone’s life is in God’s hands-they will determine her fate
What is Antigone’s punishment? to be locked in a vault with little food-she must pray to gods for help; if they think she is innocent, they will somehow set her free
Who is Teiresias? a blind prophet/can see the future
Whom does Teiresias blame for the problem in Thebes? Creon…he brought it upon himself
What does Teiresias tell Creon? The Gods are angry!! They will punish Creon and his city!
To what does Creon finally agree to? To bury Polyneices and free Antogone

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