Antigone Scene Summary

Prologue Antigone and Ismene, Antigone declaring she is going to burry Polynices knowing it is against Creon’s law
Scene One Creon and Choragos, Creon declares his law that Polynices can’t be buried because he was a traitor, Sentry enters and declares that someone has broken the law
Scene Two Creon, Choragos, Sentry, Antigone, and Ismene, Antigone is caught, Ismene sides with her, Creon has the guards take them away
Scene Three Haimon, Creon, Choragos, argue whether or not to set Antigone free, Creon decides not to kill Antigone but put her in a tomb, Ismene isn’t punished
Scene Four Choragos, Antigone, and Creon, Antigone is being taken to prison, ultimate idea is that everyone is paying for Oedipus’s crime, taboo is incest
Scene Five Teiresias, blind prophet, Creon changes, Teiresias, warns Creon that the gods are mad at him for what he’s done to Polynices and Antigone, can tell by the birds fighting, Creon rejects warning, claims that Teiresias was bribed, ends with recognition and reversal
Exodus Messenger, Choragos, story of Antigone and the suicide, Haimon tries to kill Creon, Haimon kills himself, Creon is very sad, Eurydice kills herself, Creon becomes the living dead

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