Antigone Scene 4/5

vigil wakefulness maintained for any reason during the normal hours for sleeping.a watch or a period of watchful attention maintained at night or at other times
trangress Go beyond boundaries
revel loud and boisterous festivities
implacable unable to be appeased or pacified
In the beginning of scene four, how has the tone of Antigone’s speech changed? She is not as confident and boastful of her “crime” because the reality that death is near
What metaphor does Antigone use to describe her grave Bride/ wedding (because she was soon supposed to marry Haimon, but she is now”marrying death”
Creon changes her death from public stoning to what and why changes it to locking her in a stone vault away from the city with no food, so that the citizens do not know what is going on and her death cannot be blamed on Creon
As Antigone regrets dying what wish does she make for Creon She wishes Creon punishment equals her own, which is a foreshadow of his death
What is the main idea of ode 4 Antigone resembles the fate of many others in Greek mythology
calamity great tragedy or disaster
recoils draws back
defiled Verb made filthy; violated the honor of
aphorism A brief, cleverly worded statement that makes a wise observation about life.
What terrible site does Tiresias “see” when he is studying the birds The birds are attacking eachother and making terrible noises
What is unusual about the offer Tiresias makes to the Gods The offering does not flame like it should, rather like bubbles and such
How does Tiresias explain the birds behavior? why are the gods angry They are behaving weird because they have been eating the rotten corpse of Polyneices, and the gods are angry because Creon did not obey them and bury Polyneices
What advice does Tiresias offer Creon To give in and do not fight with a corpse
What does Tiresias claim to have made Creon a king? The family curse when Tiresias revealed Oedipus’ true identity and his sons and him all died leaving Creon left to rule
Who is the “child who is thrust into living night”? Antigone
What is Tiresias’s prediction Tiresias predicts that Antigone and Haimon will die and Cr eon’s house will be full of weeping men and women
What two actions does the chorogus tell Creon to take Free Antigone and bury Polyneices
What is the main idea of the Paean The citizens of Thebes are asking Dionysos to come and heal the people of their sorrow
What does the messenger say about fate That it is unavoidable and man cannot control is (also says that no matter how much money you have, if you have no loved ones, you will not be happy)
Who killed themselves 1) Antigone2) Haimon- when he sees Antigone is dead he tries to kill his father (Creon) but ends up killing himself3) Eurydice- when she sees her son has killed himself
According to the Choragus what brings happiness wisdon-wisdon and pride don’t go hand in hand
Resolution of the play There is no happiness where there is no wisdom*proud people must submit to the wills of the Gods and only in that will they find peace

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