Antigone: Scene 3, Ode 3

Creon’s tragic flaw causes him to __________. arrest Antigone and sentence her to death
Which rhetorical appeal relies on the emotions of the recipient? pathos
Antigone’s tragic flaw causes her to __________. defy Creon’s law and bury her brother
Which statement regarding the ancient Greek belief about the power of love is false? Gods are immune to the power of love.
Creon’s argument that he is older and wiser than his son is an example of __________. ethos
According to the ancient Greek culture, Aphrodite placed the power of desire in the eyes of __________. women
The ancient Greek culture believed that __________ caused mortals to fall in love with one another. Eros
Antigone’s tragic flaw is __________. stubbornness
Which rhetorical appeal relies on logic and reasoning? logos
HAEMON:A man who thinks that only he is wise,that he can speak and think like no one else,when such men are exposed, then all can seetheir emptiness inside. For any man,even if he’s wise, there’s nothing shamefulin learning many things, staying flexible.What is revealed about Creon through Haemon’s dialogue? Creon prefers to rely on his own wisdom.

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